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Latest 20+ Best CI-CD tools for 2020 and know everything about CICD

20+ Best CI/CD tools for 2020 to choose from for your projects. There is more information about best CI-CD tools here than others.

Best CI-CD tools

Best CI-CD tools:

Today we are going to say the best CI-CD tools that are available today in the market.   Please find the list of the best CI tools below.

Github Actions:

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Github recently made Github actions.  This helps automate your workflow from idea to production.  It includes a world-class CI/CD to automate the software development workflow.  This will empower the developers to write, build, test and deploy the code right from Github.  Now code review, issue management, issue tracking work all together with Github actions.

  • Ability to start off a workflow at any familiar Github actions such as push, issue create, or new release.
  • Combine the configurations and that is built and maintained by the community.
  • Ability to deploy on multiple platforms such as Linux, Windows or Mac OS.
  • Host runners are available for every major platform and so builds, tests can be run everywhere necessary.
  • We can see the build logs in real-time along with emojis.
  • Test the web service and DB in your workflow by simply adding the docker.
  • Ability to deploy to any cloud, create an issue in Jira, and publish a package in NPM.
  • Plenty of features and options in the free repositories.

If you want an in-depth analysis on the Github actions, please let us know in the comments below.


Jenkins is a leading open-source CI-CD and automation server. Since it is open-source it is providing hundreds of plugins to support building deploying and automating any project.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

The key features of Jenkins are:

  • It is an extensible automation service so Jenkins can be used as a simple CI server or it can be used as a continuous delivery hub for any project.
  • It is available for Windows Mac OS x and Unix like operating systems also.
  • It is a standalone java application and therefore it will work out of the box.
  • It is having a very easy setup using the web interface.
  • The interface also provides on the fly error checks and built-in help.
  • With the help of hundreds of plug-ins available in the update center Jenkins integrates with practically every tool in the continuous integration and continuous delivery toolchain.
  • Jenkins can be extended using its plugin architecture and therefore it provides nearly infinite possibilities.
  • Distribute work across several machines and help drive build test and deployment across multiple platforms very fast.

Below organizations have done major contributions for Jenkins:

  • Microsoft.
  • Cloudbees.
  • Open-source lab.
  • Red hat.
  • GitHub.


It is very easy to set up battery for purpose CI-CD.  It has a very low requirement time.  The body makes DevOps very easy for developers designers and quality assurance teams.  Badi change that it has 7 times more deployment then classic CI-CD tools. Using tools like this developers can find more time for developing features than before.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

The following are important features of Buddy:

  • All the brands include these features and that they are doctor layer caching, current pipelines and steps, vCpu and ram scaling, reusable environment, repository caching, Artifacts caching,  change-set based deployment.
  • Developers can use new technologies like docker corporate is serverless and blockchain easily.
  • Developers can build websites very fast.
  • Run ssh on any server or cloud very fast.
  • Generate static sites easily.
  • Monitor websites and plugin RPM tools.
  • The latest version is 2.2.61.

With the pro version, developers get 20 projects cage storage 10 GB secondary storage 3GB RAM and 2 virtual core. With hyper, we get unlimited projects and 20 GB catch storage.

  • The configuration time is very low.
  • Dependencies are caged and build our run in isolated containers using these dependencies.
  • It supports all popular languages and frameworks and libraries.
  • Integration with AWS Google azure Digitalocean, Shopify, WordPress and more.
  • It supports parallel pipelining and YAML configuration.

Build master:

It has very good support for legacy applications because it supports a variety of platforms and frameworks. It is a fully functional continuous integration tool and that will suit any organization and can start using it right away.  It supports referencing and important artifacts from other CI tools such as Jenkins, TeamCity, universal repository.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Some important features are listed below:

  • Provides the ability to deploy to a physical server on virtual machines power protocol such as ssh FTP or file sharing.
  • It also provides reality to deploy containerized applications directly to servers.
  • Have deployments targeting IBM z series using FTP or SFTP.
  • Developers can deploy applications microservices send files to cloud service providers Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and AWS.
  • With this continuous integration, developers can deploy mobile apps to Google play store or Apple app store.
  • Continuous integration pipelines for SQL server postgre SQL DB2 and sybase.

It has numerous features that are very hard to cover. If you would like to know more about this please let us know in the comments below. Please note that the Build Master is available for only Windows.

GitLab CI:

Gitlab CI has a well-documented installation and configuration process.  It also has easy to use UI and flexible pricing models.  According to Forrester Wave, Gitlab CI is the best CI tool available in the market.  Gitlab CI/CD is a part of Gitlab which lets a single conversation from planning to deployment of the software.  Gitlab CI community edition is opensource and the Enterprise edition is closed source.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

The following are the important points about Gitlab CI:

  • It has multi-platform support and so the developers can execute and build the code on Windows, Linux, Mac and many other operating systems.
  • It has support for many languages and therefore the developers can use just about any language for their projects and also any scripting languages for the command line commands.
  • All the Gitlab builds are stable as the builds run on different machines.
  • It can split a single build over multiple machines for faster build times.
  • Gitlab CI has the real-time logger that logs the current build record and it is updated dynamically.
  • The continuous integration and deployment can be defined in a parallel job per stage and it can be triggered separately.
  • It allows everyone to get the pipeline that it needs for every build.
  • Auto-scaling helps the build to be developed in upscaled or downscaled environments to save costs.
  • Build artifacts allows the developers to upload build binaries to Gitlab to browse and download anytime.
  • There are multiple executors to test and run the build locally.
  • The developers can use custom Docker images for their development process.  Along with this, they can create new Docker images and also use Kubernetes.
  • There is a built-in container registry for storing sharing and using container binaries.
  • Securely store environment-related variables and use them properly during a deployment.

Gitlab CI is a very capable continuous integration tool that can be used for IT purposes.  It is easily one of the best tools that are out there and it works well for the needs of almost all the developers.


It is Git-Hub driven database CI-CD with Jenkins and DB Maestro.  They provide features to automate database releases.  This decreases the time to market the database and also decreases the downtime.   It provides features from source control to even release management. Faster time to market of the database-driven business application process. These apps developers accelerate the application release cycle with database release automation.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Additional important features are:

  • Prevent and manage configuration drift.
  • Create and use continuous delivery pipelines.
  • More efficient database-driven business applications with the same number of developers as earlier.
  • Reduce the time needed for writing and revising the scripts of the database.
  • Manage growing volumes and increase the frequency of changes.
  • Decrease application downtime caused by human errors in the database.
  • Control the changes and types of changes made to the database object.
  • Enforce roles responsibilities and policies for different types of users.
  • Create an audit trail to manage all the database changes.

It also provides additional features such as:

  • Integrate multiple develop tools that are already being used by the organization.
  • Very easy scalability.
  • History manages multiple high volumes and high activity databases.

Release orchestration platforms have become a popular tool for orchestrating automating and managing end-to-end software release pipelines. It provides developers with abilities to fine-tune CI-CD orchestration by including the database. The key features of the CI-CD include release orchestration.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Teamcity Enterprise solution for the enterprise is completely free. It also offers powerful continuous integration tools out-of-the-box.  It works well with traditional approaches continuous integration and feature branches with GIT or mercurial. The installer package in the city has essentials that will let developers start developing with features of continuous integration on platforms like Java and dotnet for mobile applications. When it comes to extensibility Indian city has more than hundred plugins readily available. Get support from various channels such as public issue tracker community forum and comprehensive online documentation.

Apart from the above mentioned the important features are:

  • Developers define up to 100 build configuration and run unlimited build.
  • It has a public issue tracker and forum.
  • We can run up to three bills take and also run extra agents if necessary.
  • Developers can build check and run automatic tests on the server even before committing changes this helps to keep the source code base clean.
  • It has on the fly build progress which shows errors even before the build is complete.
  • Developers can create templates with common settings and inherit any build configuration for them.
  • Developers only need to point to the TeamCity URL in order to give the project as well as all the build configuration to get started.
  • Kotlin scripts can be shared between different servers or even projects within the same server by just checking into the repository.

Go CD:

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

It is a free and open-source CI-CD server. With go CD we are able to easily model and visualize complex workflows. It has a value stream map that can be used to visualize the entire workflow from the beginning to production. It will streamline your continuous deployment workflow cover popular cloud environments such as docker Amazon Web service and more.

Below are some of the important features of this tool.

  • It can configure dependencies based on the last feedback and fast attack and on-demand deployment.
  • Ability to pass old binaries between stages and I know exactly what is being deployed.
  • It is has a value stream map that lets you track a change from committing to deploy at a glance.
  • It provides the ability to deploy any known good version of the application wherever necessary.
  • It has the ability to execute tests written in most languages or frameworks.
  • Its agent grade provides parallel and cross-platform execution.
  • The reporting tool can tell developers exactly which changeset and in which platform per test started breaking.
  • Ability to compare both content files and commit messages of any two arbitrary build.
  • Its agent grid eliminates bottleneck by providing serial-parallel execution across pipelines platforms versions branches accept.
  • Plugins can be easily created if necessary ones are not already available.

Has enterprise solutions and professional support to bring continuous integration and deployment to its environment.  It also has an active forum where users and computers share best practices and openly discuss a wide range of topics.

Bamboo CI:

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Bamboo is offered by Atlassian. It is the owner of the Jira software conference and bamboo CI. Bangalore server is the choice of professional teams for continuous integration and deployment. Developers need to focus only on development while bamboo takes care of continuous integration and deployment. Developers can create multistage build plans.

Important features of bamboo.

  • Create multistage build plans.
  • Set up triggers start a build of the project after commit.
  • Automated regression testing for each change.
  • Use agile development by parallel automated tests.
  • Developers can control the for environment permissions for requirement deployment.
  • It has one of the best integration with Jira with other and other Atlassian services.

Git branching workflows is Britain built-in. Projects deployment jeera software bitbucket test automation and Enterprise grid permissions are Britain built-in.

Other important features in bamboo.

  • End to end visibility into release implementation with deep developer tools integration.
  • Ability to send a continuous flow of build to test environment.
  • Scale using amazon EC2 servers.
  • Automate the process of merging.
  • Automatically build, detect changes and deploy to the corresponding environments.
  • Enterprise-level support from bamboo for technical difficulties.

Circle CI:

best ci-cd tools
best ci-cd tools

It is one of the best CI-CD tools that are out there.  It has over 30 million builds every month on different operating systems such as Mac OS, Linux, Windows.  It has employees in over 5 Continents.  It as named as the leader in the Cloud Native continuous integration by Forrester Wave in 2019.  Many popular brand use Circle CI for their products and few among them are:

  • Facebook.
  • Spotify.
  • GoPro and more.

Important Features of Circle CI are:

  • Complete control over the Job execution and control everything about the Job execution.
  • Run images from any docker regiestries may it be private or public.  These images are customizable on a per-job basis.
  • Build Docker images and access Docker layer caches.
  • Easily configure resources that best fit the needs of the teams.
  • There is support for a wide range of languages that build on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.
  • Caching support for images, source code, dependencies, and define custom caching.
  • Control the point of cache save and restore.
  • Access builds and debugs the builds over SSH.  This helps in faster remediation of the issues.
  • It has LDAP for user management, virtual logging, audit logging, full level virtual machine isolation.
  • It has an interactive Virtual Dashboard that helps get the insights on all the builds happening in Circle CI at a glance.
  • Great features to customize the docker image to match the production environment.

Code Ship:

best ci-cd tools
best ci-cd tools

Code Ship allows the small and growing teams to adopt CI/CD in their workflows easily and get going.  CodeShip lets the developers pick the right path for their development workflows.  This helps the teams to have maximum productivity and evolve over time.  It has great integration with popular tools and cloud service providers.

  • Turnkey environments and simple UI gets new users to quickly set up and deploy.
  • The builds need to be easy to debug and optimized and Codeship makes it easy to achieve.
  • Single-tenant AWS instances for ensuring that the build is run with all the resources and also the code is secure in its own instance.
  • The Codeship Pro is capable of pushing and pulling from any repositories of the user’s choice.
  • Get good insight into the project’s health using an intuitive dashboard.
  • Seamless integration with 3rd party tools.

There is world-class technical support for technical problems.


best ci-cd tools
best ci-cd tools

Build bot what is an open-source application. It was originally written by Brian Warner. But now it is maintained by Dustin Michelle. This software can be used for building testing and releasing a wide variety of software. This team has participated in the Google Summer of code and pycon every year. This software is licensed under version 2 of the GNU public license.

Important features of the software are.

  • It supports continuous integration testing.
  • Automation of complex building systems.
  • Application deployment.
  • Management of sophisticated software release process.
  • Test on multiple platforms ensuring that code changes in one platform do not interfere with others.
  • Once the build is successful and tested it can be deployed as a website or package as a desktop application.
  • The process involved compiling and packaging on multiple platforms localization of strings quality check and.

It is a job scheduling system. Choose jobs that execute the job and required.


best ci-cd tools
best ci-cd tools

Nevercode wants to empower professionals such as developers and engineers to build a newer world.  Nevercode emerged as a small idea for enabling mobile developers to develop mobile apps faster.  It automated key steps in automating building, testing, distributing the application using a cloud platform.  Their vision is to unlock the technology to make the code reach people without any barrier between the developers and the people.

The important features are:

  • It has automatic configuration and set up along with project type detection, dependency caching, code signing and out of the box integration.
  • It includes several testing features such as Unit and UI test, test parallelization, real device testing and, code analysis.
  • Publish automatically to stores such as Google Play, iTunes connect, Hockey app, Crashlytics, Test Fairy and more.
  • It has a detailed overview of the builds and deployments.
  • It has an automatic setup for Android, iOS and many more.
  • The concurrent build feature lets the users build several builds simultaneously.
  • This includes parallel testing and UI testing to ensure better code quality.
  • Has good integration with many communication tools such as Slack, Hipchat and, emails.
  • All the data that is stored in the server is encrypted to ensure user privacy.

Along with all these features, Nevercode has good integration with many different tools and it can be easily used with existing tools in the organization.



Synopsys is producing products in various fields such as IoT, Autonomous Cars, Wearables, Smart medical devices, machine learning, and computer vision.  Synopsys boasts about 30+ years of experience, 3+ billion in annual revenue, 13K+ employees.

Apart from the above products, Synopsys also produces Continuous integration and continuous delivery and deployment solutions.

The features of Synopsys CI-CD are:

  • Security solutions that keep up with the fast-paced tempo of CI/CD.
  • Integrates security tools, technologies, and practices into your CI/CD workflow.
  • Adopt a good CI/CD process across all the portfolios of devices.
  • Ability to integrate security analysis into the application development life-cycle.
  • Get rapid feedback to the developer.
  • Metrics for business stakeholders and managers.

The main moto of Synopsys is to gear up to security in life as we start for something.  They ensure secure CI/CD procedures.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

It is also an open-source continuous integration tool and is written in JavaScript upon Node.Js along with Mongo.DB in the backend.  It is published under the BSD license.  Just like most of its competitors, it is extremely customizable using plugins.  For now, the general rules for getting started with Strider is to have Node.Js >=6.  Git >=2.0 Mongodb in the local or the remote computer and node-gyp.

Important features of Strider are:

  • The developers are able to add hooks to perform arbitrary actions during a build.
  • Since it is opensource, the developers can modify the database schema to add custom columns.
  • The developers are able to modify and add their own HTTP routes.
  • The developers can clone the repository from the Github repository and add a UI element of their choice and convenience.

Autorabit CI/CD:

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

AutoRABIT is a product based B2B company focusing on Salesforce Automation.  It has integration with industry-leading version control systems.  It enables source driven deployment.  Autorabit provides the CI/CD solutions for various people such as Cocacola and more.

The following are the important features of Autorabit.

  • Version control intelligently manages multiple branches of code.
  • Autorabit’s proprietary metadata mastery TM technology will do the version control identification, and do the merge and commit code by understanding the behavior of metadata across the sales force.
  • It supports Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab, Collabnet and your enterprise hosted repositories.
  • Get the benefits from industry-leading version control systems such as Git, TFS and Perforce.
  • There are smart features such as easy commit and easy deploy.
  • It has post-build logging such as data log and event generations.
  • It offers full feature data migration for Salesforce.



Finalbuilder offers a continuous integration solution called Continua.  It is easy to use a continuous integration server.  It has an intuitive user interface that takes only minutes to set up and running.  It has support from various technologies such as:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • MSBuild.
  • Ant.
  • Nant.
  • Rake.
  • Finalbuilder.
  • Git.

The important features of Continua are:

  • Continua can check for changes in the source and compare it against the business logic before building it.
  • It is possible to separate the builds into individual configurations and group them into projects that are defined by the developers.
  • There is an advanced workflow editor.  It includes try and catch statements along with looping and conditional statements.
  • Distribute the build over the network for better performance.

It also supports all existing major tools for subversion and more.  There is a detailed log for each build that specifies the build process here.  It also has the ability to compare the continuous integration builds and the individual builds for the best possible output build.


In 2017, Oracle signed the agreement to acquire Wrecker.

Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Wrecker empowers the organization and the employees to achieve continuous integration and continuous delivery with microservices and dockers.

The main features of Wrecker are:

  • With Wrecker we can internal steps for interacting with Docker container.
  • We can use Scripts steps to automate shell commands.
  • The developers can create specific steps to address specific challenges.
  • The pipeline is aggregate of steps and they will pass or fail based on the steps within the pipeline.
  • Use the Workflows feature to manage the pipeline.
  • With Workflows, you can connect your pipeline in series or parallel to form complex end to end CI/CD problems.
  • Wrecker uses the Git integration feature to facilitate continuous integration features.
  • Replicate the SaaS environment locally.
  • Wrecker integration with Slack is seamless.
  • It includes source code protection.
  • Ability to turn test logs off to hide command prompt.
  • Edit the environment variables and customize the permissions for both the users and the project.

The features in Wrecker will save the time needed for the development and build for the team and more.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

It lets the developers run a fast and scalable continuous integration pipeline in the infrastructure.  The organization can run the opensource Build Kite agent on the infrastructure for maximum speed, control, and security.  It is easy to install the package using the specific binaries that are available for almost all platforms such as Ubuntu, Debian, Mac, Windows, Docker and more.


  • It has unlimited language support for languages such as Ruby, Xcode, Go, .NET and more.
  • It is a cloud environment agnostic and so it is can run on a wide variety of environments.
  • It has good integration with Github and Github pull requests.  It also has integration with Gitlab, BitBucket, Phabricator, and more.
  • The source code is kept a secret from Buildkite and the source code is safe.
  • Use the agent plugins for common tools such as Docker, Docker compose.
  • There is great support from the engineers to build and support the developers.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

With Semaphore we can build great applications with great speed.  It is powering the world’s best engineering team.

  • Whenever the developer push, Semaphore will build, test and deploy the code.
  • It offers code analysis using Rubocop, JsLint, Brakeman.
  • It can build code in Docker build and compile.
  • It can deploy to Kubernetes.

It supports all major platforms such as Linux, Docker, iOS, Android.  Many popular mobile applications are using Semaphore for their continuous delivery requirements.  Applications such as 500px are using Semaphore for continuous delivery.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

It is a continuous integration tool and an extensible framework for creating a custom build process.  It is capable of including a variety of popular source control, email, instant messages, and build technologies and more with the help of various plugins.  It is written in Java and it is available for CI/CD in a wide variety of projects.

  • It has plenty of plugins that help it integrate with popular source control, build technologies and email services.
  • It has a web interface that provides details about current and previous builds.
  • The builders are supplied for Ant, Nant, Maven, Phing, Rake, and Xcode.
  • It is open-source software and maintained by a dedicated group of developers.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

Bitrise is a very good solution for continuous integration and deployment as the developers are getting good reviews in the app store about their products.  This allows the developers to integrate into the right platform at the right time.  It helps in automating the testing process, deliver the builds automatically, and shift the responsibility of delivering the product onto Bitrise shoulders.

  • The developer can connect Bitrise to the repository and it can scan for the type of project and start shipping the app immediately.
  • Download the Bitrise.yml to debug the build locally.
  • Specify the workflows for the repeated stages and connect them together seamlessly.
  • There are about 180 integrations to choose from to create a working pipeline.
  • There is no need to commit the Bitrise.yml to the repository.  It can still quickly switch between workflow editor mode and bitrise.yml mode right on the UI.
  • Connect to Apple developer account and Bitrise can take care of iOS app signing.
  • Testers can test with the help of third party testing channels without having to signup for the new service.
  • They have engineers to help the users of Bitrise in case of a problem.
  • There are smart caching features that help for all the dependencies.
  • Every build runs in a dedicated VM and the builds are discarded after every successful build in order to prevent any kind of data loss.
  • The ability to run android UI on solid and fast emulators.


Best CI-CD tools
Best CI-CD tools

This is a CI/CD solution offered by IBM.

  • IBM Urban code deploy helps in automating the deployment.
  • IBM Urban code velocity helps in making sense of delivery and make the delivery go faster.
  • IBM Urban code release manages the releases of the products.
  • And finally, IBM Urban code build will take care of the automated builds, tests and code coverage.


In this post, we are learned many things about some of the best CI/CD tools in the market.  The post starts off with the latest CI/CD tool in the market and it deserves that spot as it one of the prominent players in the source control market for a very long time.

Github actions might be new but it is already very intuitive and has several features.  It is highly recommended for anyone who has not used CI/CD as it will help them automate several aspects of their software development lifecycle.

For more such awesome posts, stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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