Best Free Password Manager Android All Versions Included

Best Free Password Manager Android allows the users to get access to password keeper free in variety of free and cloud methods. AES 256 bit Encryption all!

best free password manager android

Use of Best Free Password Manager Android:

According to statistics, a single email account is used for about 130 online accounts.  The idea of best free password manager android password manager is that all the passwords will be stored in one place behind one master password.  Because of this, the users have to remember only one password instead of remembering all the passwords.  There are plenty of best free password manager android out there but the one decision that user has to make before choosing one is if he wants to store the password in the cloud or in the local.   Passwords that we store locally in one computer is still actually a viable option these days.  It keeps all the passwords stored locally in the hard drive in an encrypted in a way that at this rate the users do not have to trust the cloud provider even though all best free password manager android managers do offer the optional cloud backup.  Cloud password manager may not be for every user but that keep in mind that situations if the computer gets lost or stolen. For this reason, a cloud-based password manager has been more popular.  Best free password manager Android also comes with the auto password-create feature which creates a very strong password and also fills them into the fields with the aid of a browser extension.

This helps in preventing the habit of using the same password again a different site.  Using the same password, again and again, is a very bad idea. Consider a situation where a user has the same password for both Instagram and the email and a hacker gets access to the Instagram password and so he suddenly gets access to his email password also.  With this, the hacker can also reset the bank account password and steal the money.
Another good use of a password manager is that it allows us to share the password with some other users by temporarily sharing the password by auto-filling the password for them.

How does the Password Manager for Android work?

Usually, password managers also offer two-factor authentication.

But before just jumping and going ahead to use a password manager please be sure to remember a strong and powerful password and check out the following post on best free password manager android.  The reason for this is that no other user should be able to guess and get access to the master password and usually, the strength of encryption of your other passwords using a password manager depends directly upon the strength of the master password.  Also, be sure to use two-factor authentication on the master password manager and also use a second application for the two-factor authentication even though some password manager to offer two-factor authentication please be sure to take an extra effort and have a second password manager to do the two-factor authentication for you

Now that we have seen what is the use and benefits of best free password manager android, let us see some of the best password managers out there.

Keepass for Android:

best free password manager android
best free password manager android
  • This is an open source password manager that is recommended for more experienced users.
  • It might look outdated but it is actively developed and it has many features such as multi-user support
  • Importing and exporting of files and download plugins to expand the features set is also nice to have.
  • They also a have a password generator that lets the user create strong reliable password on the time of sign-up.
  • Keepass for Android is completely free and it supports windows operating systems along with Mac and Linux with the help of mono
  • It is possible to run this best free password manager android using a USB stick without needing to actually install the software to the computer
  • They also have application for IOS and many other platforms.

Sticky Password and Safe for Android:

best free password manager android
best free password manager android
  • It is from the same company that makes AVG antivirus.
  • This password manager is highly focused on security they have AES 256 bit data encryption
  • Offline security fingerprint scanning on IOS and Android devices it uses this to verify the identity of the account holder
  • This comes in two versions one is free and other is premium for $29.99
  • The premium version includes features such as cloud sync the cloud backup local Wi-Fi sync
  • Access device’s priority support saving passwords.  It also comes with browser extensions for Chrome Firefox and Opera.

Roboform for Android Password Keeper:

best free password manager android
best free password manager android
  • It is one of the oldest password managers it was released in 1999.
  • Unlike our previous to selection, this one is very easy to use and very easy to install.
    It has one-click login, quick access to credit card and billing information.
  • For most users, the available free services are enough.
  • They also offer online cloud backup and take syncing other across other devices with their premium service.
  • It is available in windows Mac IOS and Android for sure.
  • But in Chrome OS there is no dedicated installer.  Yet it can be used but with limited functionality with the browser extension.


Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • It is one of the best password managers and has plenty of features and is a great password manager for beginners
  • It has a security alert sent to the phone or computer in case of a suspected breach in one of the linked account.  This is a very important feature for an application that is about security.
  • They have an excellent password generator with varying degree of strengths for any new sign-up.
  • A digital wallet that makes paying bills online quick, easy and manageable.
  • Dashlane’s free service has all the required essential features for almost anyone.
  • It is available for Windows, Linux, Android, IOS and Mac.


Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • This is a major password manager for all popular platforms except for Linux.
  • It saves password and all the important information locally as well as in the cloud.
  • It is easily one of the best password managers available for desktop as well as mobile apps because it can sync across devices
  • Many popular websites support single-sign in with one tap without having to enter any password
  • It is proprietary and therefore it is very secure.
  • It also offers a unique feature called the travel mode which allows you to delete the password in the local machine, in case you are travelling long distances and then it will retrieve the password from the cloud afterwards.


Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • This one offers both local and cloud storage functionality.
  • This does not require an account and allows auto filling using browser extensions.
  • It supports multiple cloud services and it has a password audit to detect account with passwords.
  • This is free service and the paid service starts at $10 per month.
  • It is available in many major platforms and it syncs nicely with Windows and Cortana.  It also gives Windows hello support.
  • It is open source and therefore anyone can verify if it’s encryption algorithm is secure and safe or not.
  • It is compatible with other password managers.
  • It has many ports for other official and unofficial flatforms which can also be a somewhat of a liability due to his lack of consistency across all these platforms.
  • One solution to this problem is keepass XC.

Keepass XC for Android:

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • Just like Keepass it saves the password locally and does require cloud storage
  • This is also open source.
  • It looks more modern with updated password manager user interface
  • All the functionality of KeePass is also available in KeePass XC
  • It is also available in Windows Mac OS Linux and Android
  • it is has experience that is very similar to KeePass.

Password safe and manager

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android

This is a very good password management application as it needs you to remember only the maths word master password.

  • For this application, the user is required to only remember the master password and all the other password is saved locally in an encrypted fashion
  • It uses a is 256-bit encryption locally.
  • It includes a widget that let the user generate password right from the home screen without having to switch to computer application again.
  • It has advanced features like categorising the password in the application.
  • Also lets the user to restore the passwords from the encrypted password. Due to this, the users do not have to fear that loss or theft of passwords due to unforeseen reasons.

Master password

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android

This is easily one of the most unique password managers in this list

  • Unlike most other password managers this one does not store the password locally but rather it generates the password on demand.
  • Which requires a user name, the site name, and the master password every time the password is needed.
  • It generates the password every time on demand based on a very complex algorithm.
  • Superficially it might seem like this is a very tedious process and somewhat completely dismiss is the need for having a password manager but it also gives the ability to not to have the password stored anywhere at all.
  • The master password can be used in the desktop and other devices it can be used by downloading the application in desktop or downloading a java app in the mobile devices
  • The application is open source and it can be used offline and it generates the same password everywhere
  • One big drawback of this master password is that the user cannot change the master password without changing the site password everywhere.
  • If the master password is compromised there is no second method of protecting the account
  • This is a major risk which depends on the user if he wants to take it or not
    Keepass to Android password safe

Password manager safe in the cloud:

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • This also comes with a free desktop app.
  • This application keeps our password safe and secures using encryption in a far away database
  • These cloud database the users can sing can repair a password in any of the devices using the same application.
  • High rated password manager application in Google Play Store
  • This is also available in other platforms such as iOS windows except for Linux.
  • Users reviewed that this app has pretty much everything they need from a password manager.
  • People also considered being the best password manager ever as well.

Keeper password manager

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • In keeper password manager, there is no limit to the number of passwords that can be saved in the Android device.
  • It also offers strong random password generators.
  • This also locks away confidential material like photos, videos and necessary files.
  • It helps the users organize passwords with folder structures.

Lastpass for Android:

Best Free Password Manager Android
Best Free Password Manager Android
  • This one is easily the best password manager are there
  • This allows automatic password capture during the sign up
  • Form filling – Lets the user to fill the form credentials during the sign up.
  • Digital-wallet is a feature where the users keep track of money paid online.
  • Unlike most other password managers LastPass offers syncing across devices for free
  • This is so popular that, in the past, it was being targeted by criminals but due to the higher level of security offered by LastPass it still held its security.
  • Lastpass has no cases of master password or other login being stolen.
  • It is available on Windows, Mac, Linux and IOS this might be our top pick because of many reasons but if you think a different password manager suits you need please let us know in the comments below.

If you are not sure about which password manager to use, please be sure to try out the other password manager mentioned above and if there is any important feature that we have missed please let us know that in the comments below as well. if there is something that you would like to know more specifically about any of the password manager that has no and for more such awesome post in the future state you to take Kangaroo
Comparing 10 different password managers
Tomorrow password we use the more difficult it gets to remember all the passwords


The above post is one of the best posts on the latest best free password manager android and free password keeper.  It shows how the password managers differ from each other and how one is better than the other.  We also saw the benefits and the main uses of best free password manager android.  This free password keeper is one of the best tools that any modern productvie person should be aware of and use.  So please see best free password manager android and pick the best one for you.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.  Also, for more such posts, stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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