There are many good free IDEs for Mac that are available developing in Mac

The best IDE for mac is the post where we see what is an IDE how is it useful and more.

Best IDE for Mac

To see what is the best IDE for Mac, we need to understand what is an IDE.  IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment.  It is a computer software that is used to develop other software.  An IDE is called an IDE because it integrates many essential features under one software.  These essential features are code editor, source code manager, profiler and more.

Below is a very detailed list of best IDE for mac and we will see what is an IDE about as we see what are the best IDEs available on Mac.

Usually, it is very difficult to determine which is the best IDE because it often depends on what the developers are developing.  That is the reason why we do not have one answer for the best IDE for Mac.  Without wasting more time, lets get started with the list.

Native IOS and Mac OS development:

Best IDE for Mac
Best IDE for Mac

XCode is an Integrated Development Environment made by Apple for Mac OS.  It is first released in 2003 and is available for free in Mac OS High Sierra and Mojave.  It is used to develop software for various apple devices such as iPhones, Macs, iWatchs, TV Os and more.

The latest version of XCode is XCode 10.  It is available in dark mode with Mac OS Mojave.  It is used for development along with rich source control and more essential features.  XCode is used for developing in Swift which compiles faster and produces smaller binaries.

XCode has great animations that will make editing large source files easier.  It is great in the dark mode as well.

Development in C and C++

Best IDE for Mac
Best IDE for Mac

For developing in C and C++ Visual Studio will be a great choice.  Visual Studio is made by Microsoft and it is a very powerful IDE.  Just like XCode it also offers various themes and the dark mode theme is a very good one.   It has powerful code editing experience, profiler, version control and many advanced features that are present only in sophisticated IDEs.

Along with Visual Studio, we see that Eclipse is also a very good IDE for working with C/C++ in Mac OS.  It is free and available in all the Major platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

CLion is offered by Jet Brains and is a very good choice for developing in C/C++ in Mac.  But it is obvious that the free version of Microsoft Visual Studio is the best choice for working in C/C++ in Mac but the other mentioned two are good alternatives as well.

Java Development in Mac:

Best IDE for Mac
Best IDE for Mac

Eclipse is available on Mac and it is by far one of the best IDEs on Mac for Java Development.

We recommend the usage of IntelliJ for Java development in Mac.  It has support for Git, TFS and other major source control.  It also has support for JavaScript.  It has high performance and database tools for SQL and more.

Web development with HTML, CSS and JS:

Best IDE for Mac
Best IDE for Mac

We know that web development is not just HTML, CSS and JS but there is a wide array of backend and frontend technologies that come into play.  But it is not without the fact that web development needs great skills in the aforementioned three.  For web development, the best IDE will be Adobe Dreamweaver.  It is developed by Adobe solutions.

It offers visual designs to develop web sites.  It has support for ASP.NET, JSP, PHP and more.

Apart from actual web development IDEs we will also recommend Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code is an Atom Based Open Source project.  It is the highest contributed open source project in Stack Overflow this year.  It is used for web development and much native development as well.  We recommend Visual Studio Code because it is lightweight and has plenty of plugins that make it a great choice for web development above almost all the IDEs.

Native Android Development in Mac:

Best IDE for Mac
Best IDE for Mac

Android Studio for Mac will be a good idea for Native Android Development.  It offers Visual Layout editor that has the ability to edit complex layout with the help of only the designer.  It also has the ability to analyze the size of compiled android project files that are the APK.  Due to this, the developers that are adapting Android Studio can improve their existing packages as well.

It has a high-performance emulator, intelligent code builder, real-time profilers, flexible build systems and more very useful features for Android development.


It is hard to recommend one IDE as best IDE for Mac because different IDEs perform differently in the same target area.  As you can see in the above post for best IDE for Mac, we have to recommend Visual Studio for C/C++, Android Studio for Android and more.  We suggest the readers to carefully go through the above post and determine which IDE suits the most for you.

If you would like to know more about the performance in each one of the IDEs please let us know in the comments section.  Ask anything related to best IDE for mac in the comments below.

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