Chromium Edge- Microsoft Edge with Chromium Engine on Windows 10

How to Use the Early Dev Builds of Chromium Edge Browser on Windows 10

Chromium Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge with Chrome Engine: It dates back to 2015 when Microsoft launched their full-fledged Web Browser “Microsoft Edge”. Edge was introduced with Windows 10 and Xbox One. Edge is a Cross-platform Web Browser that is available for Android and MacOS too. Though Edge seems to be more successful than its predecessor Internet Explorer, the domination of Google’s Chrome Web Browser on the market really is a Set back for Microsoft Edge on the Browsers Market. In this article, we will see How to use Microsoft Edge with Chromium Engine.

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Announcement of Microsoft regarding Edge & Chromium Collaboration:

On the month of April 2019, Microsoft announced that Edge is going to collaborate with Chromium Engine(Which is an Open source from Google) to cover the fundamentals of Browsing, reliability of the browser and the availability of Chrome Extensions on Microsoft Edge. Finally, on 8th April 2019, Microsoft’s Chromium Edge Browser’s dev builds were launched(for development purpose) for the Public and as well as the Developers. It is now possible to use the dev builds of Chromium Edge Browser and we find this working very well.

Microsoft’s Decision of going Open Source:

As Chrome is holding the Top position of the Browsers, irrespective of the facts such as Edge is faster and efficient, it seems really impossible for users to switch from Chrome to Microsoft Edge. Most of the Products such as Youtube, Chrome Web store and other Google Products such as Google Drive and Gmail works way faster and seamless on Google Chrome than Edge, users are not bothered about no matter what features Microsoft Edge brings to the Market.

Hence, Microsoft decided to go open source to make its Browser strong. On the other hand, the Chromium engine which is an Open Source Project of Google who already holding the Top position and hence it is no doubt that the Chromium engine will be better than that of Microsoft’s Edge.

How to get Chromium Edge Browser(dev build) on Windows 10:

Kindly follow the below steps to get early dev build of Chromium Edge Browser.

  • Go to Official Microsoft Edge Insider.
  • Click on the Download that is available on the Header.
  • Now, you will be presented with three options.
    Edge with Chromium Engine
    Courtesy: Microsoft Edge Insider

Beta Channel:

Beta channel is nothing but the conventional Microsoft Edge Browser. This is the most stable release. It is not available for users now but can be expected very soon.

Dev Channel:

This is the first release of Edge with Chromium. Dev Channel differs from Canary channel in a way that is is more stable compared to the Canary channel. However, with Dev Channel, you can find the Chromium Edge Browser much similar to Google Chrome as Chrome also uses Chromium Engine. Dev channel gets a periodical release with bug fixes and updates and thereby providing a more stable test version.

Canary Channel:

Canary Channel is very similar to Daily Builds. There will be a new release every day but these builds are generally not stable and may contain Bugs. Though they are the Up to date test releases, they are not stable as Dev channel and hence it is mostly used for Testing Purpose and not for Public use.

Download the Dev Build of Chromium Edge Browser from Dev Channel:

Dev and Canary channels are development builds and hence are not stable and may contain bugs. They are generally used for Testing and Development Purpose. Hence make sure before using them and make sure that you have a back up of your data.
edge with chromium engine
Download Chromium Edge Dev Build(Courtesy: Microsoft Edge Insider)
  • Click on the Dropdown to download the Chromium Edge browser for Mac OS.
  • Windows 10 users, once you click on the Download button, a pop-up will appear. Click on “Accept and Download“.
    Chromium Edge Browser
    Accept & Download
  • The download will begin shortly. Kindly wait for that.
  • Once downloaded then run the Build. It will update the Edge browser.
  • It is all set to go. The Chromium Edge Browser will now open on your Windows 10.
  • Now you will be asked to import data from Google Chrome in case you are using it. You can choose “Import Data” or “Start from Scratch“.
  • From the interface to its flexibility and reliability, it kind of feels the same as the Google Chrome which is a really good improvement.
    Chromium Edge Browser
    Chromium Edge Browser
  • The options are almost similar to Google Chrome as both use the Chromium Engine.

Settings on Chromium Edge Browser

Settings on Chromium Edge Browser

  • You can use the Microsoft Extension Store to get Microsoft extensions and you can also use Chrome Web Store and install Chrome Extensions on your Chromium Edge Browser. All you have to do is to “Allow Extensions from other stores“.
    Use Chrome Extensions on Chromium Edge
    Use Chrome Extensions on Chromium Edge

Conclusion of the Article:

On seeing the performance of the Chromium Edge browser, it seems really a good decision that Microsoft is now going for an open source Browser Engine for Edge browser. Yet it will be too soon to conclude things are they are still under development and we soon can expect a stable release from them so that we can access the complete performance of the Chromium Edge Browser on Windows 10.

If you have any Doubts, please let us know in the Comments below. For more such awesome posts stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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