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Cloud Storage Types | Public | Private | Hybrd and based on many factors.

The cloud storage can be broadly classified as Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Storage types. They are classified based on technology. Learn more

cloud storage types

Analysis of Cloud Storage Types:

Cloud Storage has been around for some time and it is used every day by internet users.  Initially, it was expensive and did not seem to be a feasible solution but today individual users and organizations are preferring the cloud storage types to personal infrastructure.

A Cloud Storage solution is the consequences of the proper implementation of the Front End for the user interactions, Back End for the business logic, cloud-based deployment, Databases and more.

What is cloud storage types:

With the help of cloud storage users have been able to save, share, and backup data without using mainframes and personal hard drives.  Cloud storage has been around for some time and it is made up of several powerful computers acting synchronously to do complex computing tasks.  One such task is providing cloud storage for the users.  This system is enabled by making remote provider access the local data and store it in a remote server.  This lets the user delete the data from their local storage cut the local storage consumption.

More Organizations and Firms are opting for Cloud Storage for the storage solutions for the following reasons:

  • Cost-effective solution because buying personal storage is space and money consuming.
  • It is easy to use with the help of the User Interface provided by the cloud storage provider.
  • It makes accounting and payroll management easy.

Users are using Cloud storage solutions for the following reasons:

  • As a storage location for sensitive information.
  • For sharing media content such as Videos, Pictures, and Documents with others.

Regardless of the types of Cloud Storages available, the user has to decide what type of cloud storage will suit their needs.  The following is a list of Cloud Storage types to choose from:

Popular Cloud service provider
Popular Cloud service provider

Private Cloud Storage:

  • Large organizations with a mission-critical project that require additional security use the Private Cloud Storage.
  • Private Cloud Storage is the cloud storage by a person or a company for the person or the company respectively.
  • Private Cloud Storage is usually designed for the specific need of the person or group people that are going to use it.
  • Private Cloud Storage can be on-premises or externally hosted.
  • Private Cloud can be customized very well by the people who are using it.

Public Cloud Storage:

  • Popular public cloud storage solutions are Google Cloud, Microsoft One Drive, AWS, and more.
  • Public Cloud Storage types are where the provider owns and maintain the infrastructure.
  • Public Cloud Storage is available for anyone who subscribes to the Public Cloud Storage providers.
  • Public Cloud Storage has lesser customization options but it is easy to use.
  • Public Cloud Providers offer a user interface preferably a Web User Interface to interact with the cloud storage.
  • It has the same amount of security as the Private Cloud Providers.
  • It does not have any maintenance as the Private Cloud Storage as the actual architecture is owned and maintained by the Public Cloud Providers.

Hybrid Cloud Storage:

type of cloud storage
  • Hybrid Cloud Storage is a combination of Public Cloud Storage and Private Cloud Storage.
  • The users of the Hybrid Cloud Storage use it such that the Private Cloud Storage part is used for storing sensitive information and the Public Cloud Storage is used for storing non-sensitive information.
  • In Hybrid Cloud Storage, the private cloud storage will be faster and safer and so the frequently used and the sensitive data is stored here.  In the public cloud part of the Hybrid Cloud, the seldom-used and less sensitive data is stored.

Cloud Storage Providers based on the type of Technologies:

what is cloud storage
what is cloud storage

There are three levels of Cloud Storage architecture and they are, File, Block, and Object-based storage.


The file-based storage works kind of the like the file storage in our computers.  It organizes the data in a hierarchical fashion.   It needs to be organized in a proper manner.


It is usually deployed in Storage Area Network architecture.  The idea here is to have storage in sizes of equal blocks for each file that is stored in the server.  It helps the server Operating System to identify the different blocks individually.  It is generally used for databases, mail servers, and virtual machines.


It is used for storing unstructured data.  It is most suitable for storing pictures, music, and videos.  When the data is large, the data storage is done by dividing the storage needed into buckets.  The object storage uses the REST Apis to access the storage via HTTP requests.  It makes it easier for enabling security to the data stored in the server.


In this post, we learned about the Cloud Storage Types and there are three of them.  The public cloud storage is used when the user does not need great customization abilities and is only looking for a way to keep important media files safe and easily accessible.  Private cloud storage is used when the user needs great customization capabilities.  It is expensive as the user has to spend for the Cloud Storage Infrastructure, also set it up, and maintain.  Hybrid cloud storage is useful when the user is capable of managing a private and public cloud together and get an effective cloud storage solution.

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