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What is the Connected Devices Platform Service and Should it be Disabled

What is the Connected Devices Platform Service and Should it be Disabled. For some users Disabling it has improved connectivity issues learn how to here


Connected devices platform services

The Connected Devices Platform Services was introduced with the newer versions of Windows 7.  It shows up in the task manager as the running services as shown in the image for how it is in Windows 10.

There is no much information about this service in Windows Update release notes but we will provide you with useful information on what this service is about.  It is very likely that if you are on an older build of Windows 10 you are seeing an error message for the description part.  The reason for this error is that there is no description given in the meta description of the service.  But this will not interfere with the normal functioning of the service.  We have provided a screenshot for the build version 1903 and we are not seeing any error in the description box.

It was later discovered that this service is used to connect with devices such as Bluetooth devices, printers and scanners, and external devices.  But we know that this was possible in the earlier versions of windows and earlier builds of Windows as well.  But the detailed information on what each component of the service will do is given below.

Purpose of Connected Devices Services Platform:

Using process explorer we were able to determine some of the work that is done by CPD user SVC

One Sink SVC:

It is used to synchronize application data for application such as mail, contacts, calendar.  And if this is disabled, mail and other applications that are dependent on it will stop working properly.


It is used to index date value with contacts to enable fast contacts searching.  Disabling this might remove contacts in the Contacts app.

Unistore svc:

It is used to store structured user data such as Contact Information, Calendar data,

CDPsvc stands for connected devices platform service and CDPuserSVC stands for connected devices platform user service.

connected devices platform services
connected devices platform services

Some of the task done by this service is syncing emails, live tiles, one drive etcetera.

It is associated with BlueTooth or Printer and Scanner as well as Music Players, Storage Devices, Mobile Phones, Camera and many other types of connected devices.

Additional information on Connected Devices Platform Services:

It has been noted that in systems that have trouble identifying printers and scanners are also systems with problems with CPDuserSVC.

Some users are facing errors due to this service.  The errors go as CDPuserService has stopped working.  We will address that error here.

It is seen that CPD dll is causing an error with error number 0xc000005 and it is called Status Access Violation.  This behavior has been already noticed in windows OS build 14393.  This issue has surfaced for a lot of uses at this point.  Uninstall KB4048953 as this is the current official work around this issue.  It appears like this issue has been around for some time and there is no proper fix yet.

It is also possible to fix this issue by isolating the service.

Isolate the service using command prompt:

  • Launch the command prompt in administrator mode.
cmd in admin mode
cmd in admin mode
  • Enter the following command and press enter.
sc config CDP user SVC type=own
enter the command
enter the command

I use the command and the service will start running in an isolated process we hope that this has fixed the issue.

Disable the service using Registry Edit:

In addition to removing the November update, we can also disable the service using a registry change.  To do this follow the given steps.

  • Press the start button.
  • Type regedit.
  • When the following result shows in the start menu right-click the result and run as administrator.
  • This will launch the registry edit as shown in the figure.
registry edit
registry edit
change registry settings
change registry settings
  • Navigate to the following section using the given address.
  • Please use the left navigation menu to get to the necessary section.
  • As you can see that is a file for start.
  • Open the file and receive that the setting is set to 2.
  • Here, 2 stands for automatic 3 stands for manual 4 stands for deactivated.
  • If you set it to manual the service start only when the user triggers it.
disable service
disable service

note that windows will reset these values later.


In this post, we learned about the connected devices platform services that is used for connecting with external devices.  This service might cause problems sometimes and we have shown two methods to fix the error.  Generally, this service will work without causing any problems but at times it can also not work as expected.

If you want more such awesome posts, stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

Connected devices platform service
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