How to Create Bar Graph in Microsoft Excel?

Best way to create Thermometer Chart in Microsoft Excel!

Create bar Graph in Excel

Bar Graph in Excel: Bar Graph is a type of chart that helps us to show the values in the pictorial representation. It is very easy to create a Bar Graph in Microsoft Excel. In this article, we will show you how to create a Bar Graph on Microsoft Excel.

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Creating a Bar Graph:

For creating a bar graph, you must need sample values that need to converted into a pictorial graph. Let us consider sample values as shown in the below image:

Sample Excel Values
Sample Excel Values

From the above image, the numerical values have been added from the cell G5 to G10. The sum of the cell G5 to G10 has been stored in the cell G13. The percentage of values has been stored in cell G16.

Create Bar Graph for Percentage:

  • Select the cell G16 which contains the percentage
  • Now, go to the option “Insert” & click “Bar Graph” to create the bar graph for the given value.
Creating Bar Graph
Creating a Bar Graph
  • Click the Bar Graph icon to create the Bar Graph
Bar Graph Created
Bar Graph Created

From the above image, You can able to see the bar graph created for the value “Percentage“.

How To Customize Bar Graph in Excel:

You can customize the following options of the Bar Graph in Excel:

  1. Chart Title
  2. Legend
  3. Data Labels
  4. Data Table
  5. Axis

Edit Chart Title:

Once you created the Bar Graph, go to the option “Chart Title” which is located in the “Insert Menu“.

Chart Title Editing
Chart Title Editing

The Chart Title option contains three options and they are None, Centered Overlay Title, Above Chart.

If you haven’t given the name to the graph and then you can give the new name by clicking the “Edit Chart Title..” option.

  • None: Do not display the chart title.
  • Centered Overlay Title: Overlay centered Title on a chart without resizing a chart
  • Above Chart: Display Title at top of the chart area and resize a chart

Example for Centered Overlay Title is,

Centered Overlay Title
Centered Overlay Title


The list of options available in Legend is:

Options in Legend
Options in Legend

Example of “Show Legend at Right” option is,

Legend at the right
Legend at the right

Data Labels:

The list of options available on Data Labels option is,

Data Label Options
Data label Options

The example of “Centre” data label value is,

Centered Data Label
Centered Data Label

Data Table:

The list of options available on Data Table is,

Data Label Options
Data Label Options

The example of “Show Data Table” option is,

Example for Data Table
Example for Data Table


There are two types of Axis options available in Microsoft Excel.

  • Primary Horizontal Axis
  • Primary Vertical Axis

You can select any of those options to change the axis of the bar graph.


Follow the above steps to create the Bar Graph using Microsoft Excel. If you have any queries related to this tutorial and then comment us below.

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