Create Windows Features Shortcut in Windows 10!!

Time-saving Shortcut for Windows Features!!


Windows Features Shortcut in Windows 10: Windows comes with a lot of in-built components/features that are entirely optional. There is actually a place where you can turn off any feature if you don’t need them in order to lighten your system’s load. You can find a list of Windows Features in a window so that you can check/uncheck it as per your system needs. You don’t have to search for a way to open the Windows Features as we are here to provide some simple steps to create a timesaving Windows Features Shortcut in Windows 10.


Instructions to create Windows Features Shortcut in Windows 10:

Creating a shortcut for Windows Features in Windows 10 is an easy and simple way. You don’t need to spend more time to create the shortcut as it will take little effort only. Access this shortcut icon whenever you need to know the Windows Features rather than using the Run command or Start menu.

    1. Right-click on the empty space of your Desktop and select New. After that, you have to choose Shortcut from the pop-up menu.
      Windows Features Shortcut Creation
      Windows Features Shortcut Creation
    2. You have to enter optionalfeatures in the space given to enter the Type the location of the item in the Create Shortcut window. Then, you have to click Next.
      Windows Features Location
      Windows Features Location
    3. In the next window, give the name as you want for the shortcut or leave the default name and click Finish.
      Windows Features Shortcut name
      Windows Features Shortcut name
    4. At last, the shortcut for Windows Features is created on your desktop.
      Windows Features Shortcut created
      Windows Features Shortcut created
    5. Now, you can access the Windows Features Shortcut in Windows 10 at any instance.

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We hope that this short tutorial assisted you to create the Windows Features Shortcut in an easy manner. Visual representation of screenshots let you understand the creation of Windows Features shortcut succinctly. Kindly share your queries/suggestions in the below comment box.

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