Disk management tools Windows 10- Top List & Native Disk Management

Disk management tools Windows 10: Disk Management is one of the important factors when it comes to an operating system. With Disk Management services, we can able to make things such as Create New Partition, Creating New Format of Space, Allocate sizes for your partition, Shrink your partitions space, delete a partition, information about the added Storage Peripherals such as USB Stick, SDD, and even about your CD/DVD slot. In this article, we will see a lot of things about the Native Disk Management Service of Windows 10 and also about the list of 3rd-party disk management applications.

Best Disk management tools Windows 10:

Note: We recommend Native Disk Management service to carry out Disk Management activities.

Though we have the Native Disk Management services for Windows, there are a number of third-party disk management services available which are equally efficient as the Native one. The following is the list of Top 5 Disk Management tools(Free and as well as Paid) for Windows 10.

  1. EaseUs Partition Master
  2. AOMEI Partitions Assistant
  3. Paragon Partition Manager
  4. MiniTool Partition Wizard
  5. GParted

EaseUs Disk Management Tool for Windows 10- Paid Application:

EaseUS- Disk management tools Windows 10
EaseUS- Disk management tools Windows 10
  • EaseUs tops the list as it is one of the most used Partition tools for Windows.
  • Features include Repartition, Cloning the hard disk, Migrate OS to HDD or SDD, Restoring lost partitions and more.
  • This is a paid application and hence available on different prices for Home, Business, and more.
  • However, they provide a free trial which can be used to understand the functionalities of the applications.
  • To get to know more about EaseUs, Kindly visit their Official Homepage.

AOMEI Partition Assistant- Free(Standard) & Paid(Professional):

AOMEI- Disk management tools Windows 10
AOMEI- Disk management tools Windows 10
  • A standard version of AOMEI Partition Assistant is available for free desktop users and the Lite version of AOMEI is available for free for Server users.
  • However, to access all the available features of AOMEI, then we have to go for the Professional version or Server or Technician and they are all paid ones.
  • Get to know more about AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Paragon Partition Manager for Windows- Free Application:

Paragon- Disk management tools Windows 10
Paragon- Disk management tools Windows 10
  • Features include Automatic Partition Alignment, Converting NTFS to HFS without reformatting, and other Partition Management operations.
  • This is a Free Application.
  • Get to know more about Paragon Partition Manager for Windows.
Note: You will be required to activate the app by Signing in or Sign up for Paragon Account. After that, you can start using the application.

MiniTool Partition Wizard-Free(Free Edition) and Paid(Pro Edition):

MiniTool- Disk management tools Windows 10
MiniTool- Disk management tools Windows 10
  • Features include Managing disk and partitions, checking the file system, Migration of OS, Cloning the Hard disk, Converting MBR to GPT, and a lot more.
  • There are a number of editions available that include Partition Wizard free edition, Pro edition, server edition, enterprise edition, and more.
  • Get to know more about MiniTool Partition Wizard.

Gparted Partition Manager for Windows:

GParted- Disk management tools Windows 10
GParted- Disk management tools Windows 10
  • It is a Gnome Partition editing application. It is a cross-platform application and hence available for Windows, Linux, and macOS.
  • It is extremely light and simple but very powerful partition software.
  • It is available for Windows as an image file(iso file) which can be downloaded and run them from a Bootable USB or CD.
  • For more info, Kindly visit Official Gparted.

Getting Started with Native Disk Management of Windows 10:

Ways to Open Disk Manager on Windows 10:

  1. Open Disk Manager from Start Menu. 
  2. Open Disk Manager through Run. 
  3. Open Disk Manager using Disk Manager shortcut. 

How to open the Disk Management service from the Start menu:

  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Search for Disk Management. You will find the term “Create and format hard disk partitions“. Click on that to open Disk Manager. Kindly refer to the following image.
    Search for Disk Manager
    Search for Disk Manager

How to open Disk Management through Run Command box:

  • Open Run command box using the shortcut Win Key + R.
    Open Disk Manager through Run
    Open Disk Manager through Run
  • Execute the following on the Run command to open Disk Manager on Windows 10.

  • Now, the Disk Manager will open.

How to Create Disk Manager Shortcut on Windows 10:

  • Creating a shortcut for Disk Manager on Windows 10 is really a simple process. Kindly follow the below steps.
  • Right-click on the Desktop and go to New–>Shortcut.
    Create Shortcut
    Create a Shortcut
  • Type the location as follows on the Create Shortcut pop-up.
    Location of the Shortcut
    Location of the Shortcut
  • Finally, enter the name of the shortcut(say Disk Manager) and click Finish.
    Name of the Shortcut
    Name of the Shortcut
  • You can find the Disk Manager shortcut created on the desktop. Click on that to open Disk Manager.
    Disk Manager Shortcut created
    Disk Manager Shortcut created

Now, that we are aware of the methods on Opening Disk Management service on Windows 10, it is time to get to know about how the Disk management service works.

Various Options available on Disk Manager of Windows 10:

Never delete any partitions without being aware of the processes as it may result in the loss of user data and system data and may totally collapse the stability of the installed Operating system.

With the help of Disk Manager, you can perform a number of operations. The following are the few of them.

Manage your Partition:

Manage Partitions
Manage Partitions

You can able to view your Hard Disk Partition along with Digital and Graphical Data. You can able to resize your existing partition, Shrink Volume of a partition, Delete partitions, do Disk Cleanup on your partitions, Information about your Hard disk and Partitions, and more. Choose the Partition that you wish to perform the above operations and right-click on them. Kindly refer to the following image.

To do Disk Cleanup:

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

To do a Disk Cleanup on a particular partition, right-click on that partition and select Properties. You will find the Disk Cleanup option.

Information about your Partitions and Hard Disk:

Disk management tools Windows 10
Disk management tools Windows 10

Once you open the Disk Manager, you can find a lot of information. The following are them.

  1. The layout of the Partitions.
  2. Type of the Partitions.
  3. The file system of the Partitions(NTFS or FAT).
  4. Status of the Partitions.
  5. The capacity of the Partitions.
  6. Graphical Data about the Partitions and more.

Article Conclusion:

This article covers detailed information on Disk management tools that are available for Windows 10 Operating system and provides the Best Disk management tools Windows 10 for the year 2019 and also about the Native Disk Management Service of Windows 10, that is the Disk Manager.

If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comments below. For more such awesome posts stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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