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Disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10- How to Enable & Disable IE on Windows 10

Easy Steps involved in Disabling and Enabling Internet Explorer on Windows 10

Disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10

Disable Internet Explorer on Windows 10: All the Windows users would have been very well aware of Internet Explorer. Being an essential part of a range of Microsoft Operating systems, Internet Explorer was the official Web Browser for Windows operating systems for last 28+ years. The first version of Internet Explorer dates back to 1995 when it was launched along with Microsoft Plus as its Official Web Browser. In spite of the ups and downs through the journey of IE(short form of Internet Explorer),  the arrival of Google Chrome Web Browser took the graphical web browsers to the next level. Microsoft then launched Edge Web browser to keep them in the race with Chrome and Firefox. However, Chrome holds the top position. Recently, Microsoft tied up with Google in terms of Web browsers by using Google’s open-source Chromium engine for their Edge browser.

How to Disable Internet Explorer(IE) on Windows 10 OS:

The steps are really simple. Kindly follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Control Panel.
  2. Select your View by as Large icons.
    Programs and Features
    Programs and Features
  3. Click on Programs and Features.
  4. On the left pane, you will find the option “Turn Windows features on or off“.
    Turn Windows features on or off
    Turn Windows features on or off
  5. Windows features pop-up will appear now.
  6. Locate Internet Explorer from the list and uncheck it. Finally, Click OK.
    Disable Internet Explorer
    Disable Internet Explorer
  7. The changes will be made and it will take some time.
    Applying Changes
    Applying Changes
  8. Finally, you will be prompted to Restart your PC to apply the changes made. Kindly restart your PC.
    Restart your PC
    Restart your PC

How to Enable Internet Explorer(IE) on Windows 10:

Since we are aware of disabling the Internet Explorer on Windows, there won’t be any problem with enabling it again. Hence without going much into it, we will explain the steps in a simple manner.

  • Go to Control Panel and then to Programs and Features.
  • Open Turn Windows features on or off from the left pane and locate Internet Explorer from the list.
  • Finally, check(Enable) on the Internet Explorer option and click on OK and then restart the computer.
    Enable IE on Windows 10
    Enable IE on Windows 10

Try out Beta and Canary Versions of Chromium Edge Web browser:

edge with chromium engine
Download Chromium Edge Dev Build(Courtesy: Microsoft Edge Insider)
Note: Installing Chromium Edge web browser Beta or Canary versions will not remove or replace the existing stable Microsoft Edge that is available on your Operating system.

With Chromium Engine on Edge, the experience is totally new and feels much faster and better. Though a stable version of Edge with Chromium Engine is still not out for use, it is possible to use Canary or Beta Version of it on your Windows 10. It can be downloaded from the Official Microsoft Edge website. We have an article that will guide you to download and install beta/canary Chromium Edge Web browser on Windows 10. Kindly check it out.

Note: Canary Versions are test versions which are mostly used by testers and developers and not recommended for domestic users. It may result in the loss of user data as they are not stable versions. Hence kindly make sure of your actions before proceeding.

Article Conclusion:

In the day to day life, though most of us feel that we are long away from using Internet Explorer on Windows for domestic purposes, Internet Explorer still holds a strong leg on Government and IT sectors. This article covers Enabling and Disabling Internet Explorer(IE) on Windows 10 which will be useful for the ones who want them on Windows 10 and as well as for them who do not want them on their Windows.

If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comments below. For more such awesome posts stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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