Evernote vs OneNote and everything you need to know

Evernote VS OneNote is the best post that describes various aspects of Onenote VS Evernote and more.

Evernote vs OneNote

Evernote vs OneNote is the post that helps us pick the best note taking app for us.  Evernote vs OneNote is the best note-taking applications.  Each with its own unique abilities making it very difficult for new adapters to decide which one is better for them.  In this post, we will lay it clear what each one of these applications does and how they excel at the tasks that the other one doesn’t.

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Evernote features and reasons to use:

Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote

Evernote Features: Evernote is a note-taking application that is made by Evernote Corporation.  It can be used to take notes, organize notes, taking the list and archiving the notes.  Below are the main features of Evernote that are very useful.

  1. Evernote is cheap considering Evernote business or Evernote pro costs just 8 dollars.  It is not expensive for what this software can do.
  2. Evernote has the best Integration with many third-party applications.  Such as email clients etc.  It works well with iOS email and draft clients.
  3. It is seamless around all the devices.  It syncs between the users iPads, iPhones, Laptops very well.  The dealy is almost not noticeable.
  4. It will collect and store notes such that the users will find it easily later.  It has a very intuitive design for displaying notes that makes it easy to find the notes with a mere glance.
  5. It lets the users share notes with other users.  Not just notes but it will let the users share many notebooks.
  6. It can take anything in an Evernote note.  It can take Images, PDFs, MP3s, Microsoft Word Documents etc.  The user can drag and drop just about anything into Evernote for taking notes of it.
  7. Evernote has the ability to save the notes in mobile devices when we are travelling.  Evernote offers offline storage that means, we can save all the necessary things offline without needing the internet to actually save anything.  This helps people who are travelling and are not able to avail a good internet connection.
  8. It is very ergonomic as it makes use of many user-friendly features such as 3D touch in iOS devices, keyboard shortcuts,  It has widgets in android devices.  It just takes a few minutes to set it up and it is very little clutter to get working.
  9. It has name card integration with contacts and Linked In(Yes, Microsoft Linked In). That means we can scan a name card with Evernote scanning app that is built into the Evernote app.  Evernote will recognise that it is a name card and not only that it will extract the information linked in it but it will also save the contact details as a new contact.
  10. It also has a dark mode.  When people need to work at night for a longer period of time, a bright white screen can get tiring easily.  Evernote has introduced the dark mode.  Use this mode for working in a dark theme for longer periods of time.

OneNote Features:

Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote

OneNote Features: is a very versatile application and so it is an application for everyone.  Microsoft’s OneNote is a nonlinear form of Microsoft word.  That means that the user can write and draw anywhere he wants.  You can click and enter text in a spot and then immediately afterwards we can insert an image and after that, he can continue with his text later or what he wants. That makes the entire experience just like taking notes in a Notebook but that whole experience has been upgraded digitally.

Onenote sync data with everything. That means that we can enter data in one device and see it every other device in which we have logged in with the Microsoft account.  Otherwise, we can also login to the OneNote website and then login with a Microsoft account and access all our notes.

  1. One note helps in taking notes of math equations.  Write down the math equation in OneNote and use the selection tool.  Select the Math Equation and see that OneNote brings up the text equivalent of the equation.  There are actions for the following right under the equation as you can see.   Not just that, we also have a few different options with showing graphs that corresponding to the equation etc.  It also brings up the linear equations.
  2. It also has the playback feature that helps us watch the note just in the steps it was made.  For example, you made a note in the corner of the page, you use the selection tool and select the note and click the playback to see how exactly the note was made.
  3. The Ink to text feature helps us to change all the text made with ink into text.  This great feature for students who capture notes using a touch screen device such as a Surface Pro and convert it into printable text.
  4. There is an inbuilt search box for research.  We can quickly add the search results into the One Note notes.  This is a very extensive search capability built into the application and it is worth using.
  5. An immersive reader is a very good feature that helps the users read the content on the page.  It will quickly bring up the text such that it is easy to read.  If you press the play button, it will start reading the notes.  It comes with additional features such as male or female voice and speed of the voice.  This reader also has the ability to see parts of speech in the context and highlight it accordingly.
  6. In Google Chrome, there is a web clipper extension that will help with taking notes from the web.  If you are on a webpage and click on the extension icon, it will load a preview of the page.  We can select a certain region and also select the full page.  It is completely up to the user in how to clip it.  It will put it in the sections of the notes automatically, so it is a great tool to get notes from the internet.
  7. Save email in with OneNote is a very good feature.  It will help take the notes from emails and send it to one note to have it nicely organized.  It has to be set up at  It is very easy, only have to enter the mail addresses from where you want to take notes from and also the page name information.   Now from the email, send the email to [email protected] and subject as @Pagename

Evernote vs OneNote:

We have seen the necessary important features between Onenote and Evernote.  But we have not been able to tell which is better than the other.  For that, we will see what are the primary difference between Evernote vs Onenote.

Comparison between UserInterface Evernote VS OneNote:


  • One note draws most office UI appeal from the rest of Microsoft office product.   It has the same options ribbon etc.
  • With Onenote, we are able to give colours to the notebook label.  This is a cool feature that lets us look at notes in a less boring way.
Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote


  • Evernote is a recognizable design that is unique to Evernote.  It is very user-friendly as well.
  • We can create notes in Evernote just like how we do it in Onenote.  In Evernote, we click on the new notebook sign and we give a notebook and name and choose if the notebook is private or shared.
  • Evernote shows the note to be shared, we can enter a name for the organisation.  After creating a new notebook in a share the type, we can modify the sharing privileges to view the notebook or we can even choose to publish the notebook.
Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote

Browser Extension – Evernote VS OneNote:


  • OneNote has a browser extension which can be used to clip elements from the web and added to the notes.  It offers various options such as Full Page, Region, Article, and Bookmark.
  • Irrespective of the type of the clipping we can also see that it does not include the ads while saving the contents of the website.
Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote


  • In Evernote, when you click on the browser extension with it pops up multiple options in such as an article, simplified article, full page, bookmarks and screenshot.
  • An important difference between Evernote and OneNote is that when we save a webpage in OneNote it saves the image of the web page but when we save a webpage in Evernote it saves the entire webpage inside the app and therefore we can navigate from the note to a link given in the website.
  • The article option in Evernote creates a green border around what the article and upon clicking save it will save everything that is inside the green border to the notebook.
  • The simplified article saves only what is necessary, to the notebook.
  • Also, we can even take a screenshot of the webpage and save to the notebook.
Evernote VS OneNote
Evernote VS OneNote

Another noticeable difference between OneNote and Evernote right now is that In OneNote we have to save the image to the notebook to able to edit it but in Evernote as soon as we take a screenshot it provides options to edit it.

How it organises the notes – Evernote vs OneNote:


  • Onenote saves the notes in a very organised fashion we can drag and drop the notes and make them appear in any order we want it is and it is independent of the time of creation.
  • But notes itself are very flexible and we can drag and drop a textbox whenever we want and enter text into it otherwise we can use the pain to enter scribbles anywhere you want it will act very much like a real-life notebook.
  • We can write you can create a link to a page and copy and paste into another page or wherever we want in order to make redirection from one page to another possible.   This is a very handy feature when we want to create tables which have links of some notes against what the mean to say.
  • Onenote offers plenty of options to highlight text and one of the feature is tags this can be used to give another level of differentiation of a text that is being written inside a note.
  • And also some of the best features of one noticed the ability to give to do list.


  • Evernote provides an option to edit the layout the way we want irrespective of the layout in the most recently edited not show up on the top and the oldest note shows up in the bottom.
  • We can change the layout of the notes by clicking on the options provided to change the layout.  But this will not change the intrinsic way the notes arrange themselves.
  • It offers many formatting options such as adding a bullet list and number list.
  • We can also create a hyperlink in Evernote also but it does not inherit some of the rich formatting features of Microsoft office the formatting features is Evernote is somewhat limited.
  • A traditional form of creating tags is available in Evernote.  Click on the top textbox to create a new tag.  These tags appear as categories in the left pane and we can click on the tag and see what is linked with the tag.

OCR abilities – Evernote VS OneNote:


  • Onenote is capable of extracting text from a document using an external application called office lens.  This is a very powerful application that lets OneNote read a text from documents by adjusting the light in images in a very smart way.  It is a very useful OCR implementation of one note.
  • After adding the image to the OneNote Note, we are able to drag and drop the contents of the image into the note.


  • Ever, on the other hand, lets you search for a text in an Image.  it also allows the user to search for longer text and it also allows a user to search for handwritten text as long as the text is legible.  But unlike OneNote Evernote is not capable of copying a text from an image and paste it somewhere else.

Encryption and Security – Evernote VS OneNote:


  • The lowest hierarchy that OneNote allows you to encrypt text is at the Section level. This also allows you to password protect sections.


  • It allows you to select a portion of text inside a note and encrypt it.  By doing so it will allow only certain kind of users to view or edit the text and others not.

Sharing and Collaboration – Evernote VS OneNote:


  • It is also possible to share the notes in SharePoint and have an entire enterprise level notes appear as a website.
  • But it has the feature to share the note via only emails.


  • It has the ability to share the notes via emails as well as social media.

Pricing – Evernote VS OneNote:

Last but not least, is the pricing difference between them.  We will look into the free tier of each software.


  • The free version offers upto 5 GB of cloud storage, which is across all the software of each Onedrive account.  This 5gb will be shared across the online Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and every other software solution including OneNote of course.


  • Free version provides 60 MB per month across two devices.


Clearly, it is not easy to choose one in Evernote Vs Onenote. They are very good and have benefits of their own that the other one does not provide.  Personally, we will go with OneNote as our existing dependencies with Microsoft technologies.  But for a new adapter and who has no requirement to choose one above the other, we recommend going through Evernote VS Onenote carefully to choose what is the best.

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