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Telnet is not Recognized Error & its Fix[Latest] on Windows 10

How to Fix Telnet not Recognized Error on Windows 10 and other Windows OS

Telnet Client on Windows 10

Telnet is not Recognized” Error: Telnet was created before 6 decades and it still holds the place because of its functionality. It was initially created for Military Purpose but however, it was then moved to the Internet Standards. Telnet(TELetype NETworking) is mainly used to remotely configure and control a terminal from a remote location. You can find the Telnet on almost all the Windows Operating that includes Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP and more. When you are running Telnet on your Windows 10 system for the first time, then you may face the error “Telnet is not recognized as an Internal or External Command”. In this article, we will see How to solve the error, “Telnet is not recognized” on Windows 10 using simple steps.

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Why does “Telnet is not recognized” error happens?

In Windows 10 and its Predecessors, several Windows Features will be turned off by default. Telnet Technology is one among that. Hence it is a feature which all users may not require and hence it is left to user’s choice so that they can be turned on when required. This is the only reason for the above error.

Fix “Telnet is not recognized error on Windows 10- Easy Steps:

Kindly follow the below steps to get rid of the above error on Windows 10.

    1. Go to Control Panel.
    2. Choose Uninstall a Program from Programs Menu.
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
      Uninstall a program
    3. On the Left Panel, Choose Turn Windows features on or off.
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
      Turn Windows Features on or off
    4. Turn Windows features on or off pop-up will appear now.
    5. Scroll down and Locate Telnet Client from the List.
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
      Locate Telnet Client
    6. Enable Telnet Client by clicking on the Checkbox.
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
    7. Finally, Click on OK.
    8. Windows will search for the required files and apply the changes in the system. Click Close.
      Telnet Client on Windows 10
      Features Enabled
    9. Finally, Telnet Client is active on your Windows 10.
Restart is not required after this Process.

Getting Started with Telnet on Windows 10 for the First time:

  • Once the Telnet is not recognized error is fixed, then follow the below steps.
  • Go to “Run” Command Box.
  • Type cmd and open the Command Prompt.
  • Once cmd is on, execute the command telnet. Refer to the following image.
Telnet Client on Windows 10
Execute telnet
  • Now you are into the Telnet and you can start using the Telnet Client on Windows 10.
Telnet Client on Windows 10
Telnet is Live

Getting Help from Telnet for Basic Telnet Commands:

  • If you want to get help from the Telnet regarding the commands available for working with Telnet then type ?/ on the Telnet Terminal. Refer to the following image for easy understanding.
Telnet Help Command
Telnet Help Command
  • Once you execute the Help code on Telnet Terminal, then you will get the following image which holds the basic working commands from Telnet.
Telnet Help Commands
Basic Telnet Help Commands

Best Alternative for Telnet:

Putty for Windows 10:

Putty for Windows 10
Putty- Best Alternative for Telnet

Telnet is one of the Old teletype networking that allows users to connect to a remote terminal. However, it can only be accessed through Command Terminal. Putty provides a GUI Interface to connect to a remote terminal. This makes it very easy to get connected to the terminal as telnet requires commands to perform several operations. You can add Private Keys through Putty with just a few clicks which require commands on the Telnet. Hence Putty is one of the Best SSH Clients available for Windows.

Conclusion of the Article:

Telnet is a Wonderful Technology and its availability even after 6 decades shows how successful it is. In spite of all the latest SSH Clients, Telnet always holds a place on the Top SSH Clients and it makes working with Server-side Windows easier. To be simple, Telnet is Old but well Experienced.

This article provides detailed information on Telnet and provides information on How to fixTelnet is not recognized as an Internal or External Command” Error on Windows 10. If you have any questions, please leave us a comment.  Stay tuned for more awesome posts on the latest technology.

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