WSL Components Not Enabled Error-{Fix} on Windows 10

Windows Subsytem for Linux Components Enabled Error(0x8007019e Error) and Fix

WSL not Enabled Error

WSL Components Not Enabled Error(Code: 0x8007019e): After the announcement from the Microsoft regarding the availability of Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10 via Windows Subsystem for Linux, I eagerly downloaded the Ubuntu Terminal App from the Microsoft Store. However, when I was going through the initialization process, I came across with the error stating “WSL Components not Enabled“. I have done some searches and got to know how to fix this error and started using Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10. In this article, I have explained the clear steps to get rid of the error “WSL Components Not Enabled” on Windows 10 with clear images.

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How to Install Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10 using Microsoft Store:

Installing the Ubuntu Terminal app on Ubuntu is no different from installing any other Windows App. They are readily available on the Microsoft Store. Kindly follow the below steps to install Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10.

  • Go to the Microsoft Store.
  • Search for Ubuntu. You will find the Ubuntu App.
  • Click on the option “GET“.
  • The installation will start and it will take some time. Kindly wait.
  • Then you can open the Ubuntu App from the Start Menu.
    WSL 2 not enabled error
    Ubuntu App

We have a detailed article on this topic if you need more detail. Check out: Install Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10

Getting WSL 2 Not Enabled Error on Windows 10:

Now that the Ubuntu Terminal app is installed on the Windows 10, Open the application from the Start Menu.

  • Initially, the message was “Installing, this may take a few minutes….
WSL 2 not enabled error
Installing, this may take a few minutes
  • However, after some time, the system through me an error saying “WSL Component not enabled“.
WSL 2 not enabled error
WSL not Enabled Error
  • If you too are getting the above error then kindly check out the following Tutorial to fix WSL Not enabled Error.

Fix WSL Component enabled Error on Windows 10 using the following steps:

We will get into the fix right away. Kindly follow the below steps carefully.

  1. Press CTRL + A and go to All Settings.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Go to All Settings
  2. Go to the Option “Update and Security“.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Update and Security
  3. Choose “For Developers” from the Left Pane and then Enable Developer Mode. A few Downloads and Installation will take place before the Developer mode is enabled and hence Kindly be patient.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Enable Developer Mode
  4. Once the Developer Mode is enabled, Open Control Panel.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Open Control Panel
  5. proceed with Programs and Features option.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Programs and Features
  6. On the left pane, you will find the option “Turn Windows Features on or off“. Click on that.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Turn Windows Features On or Off
  7. Windows Features pop-up will appear. Scroll down and locate “Windows Subsystem for Linux“. Once you find the required option, make sure to Enable it as shown in the picture below.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux
  8. Once WSL is enabled, close the popup and as well as Control Panel. Go to Start menu and Search for Powershell. Once shown on the suggestions, Right Click on Powershell and choose “Run as Administrator“.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Run as Administrator
  9. Copy the following command and go to Powershell and do a Right-click on the Cursor. The command will get pasted automatically and the process will be initiated.

    Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux

    WSL Not Enabled Error
    Execute the Command
  10. Kindly wait till you get the following Success(Online: True) message as shown in the image above.
  11. Now, its time to Restart the PC. Close all applications and Restart your PC.
  12. After the restart, Open the Ubuntu app and give it a few minutes. The initial setup will take some time.
    WSL Not Enabled Error
    WSL Component not enabled error is fixed
  13. Finally, you will be prompted to create a Unix Username which is WSL Components not enabled error is now fixed. Create your Unix Username and Password and start using Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10.
    Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10
    Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10

Conclusion of the Article:

Using this article, you can fix the WSL Component not enabled error on the Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10. With the Statement from Microsoft, “Microsoft Loves Linux very much“, they made it possible to use the Ubuntu Terminal on Windows 10 itself with which a number of operations such as SSH via Ubuntu, Ubuntu Commands and more are now made possible.

If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comments below. For more such awesome posts stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

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