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GitHub Actions and GitHub CI-CD are making waves in the DevOps world

See how GitHub actions and GitHub Ci-CD is making major changes in the DevOps world. It will change how we will interact with GitHub and other tools also.


GitHub CI-CD and all the latest News:

GitHub Actions:

git hub cicd
git hub cicd

In 2018, about 10 months ago GitHub announced the GitHub actions.  Using this, developers can already take actions based on different kinds of events.  Using these actions the developers were able to build CI-CD pipelines.  This makes actions an interesting option for CI-CD.

The GitHub actions had a very good reception from the developers.  They have built many CI-CD pipelines using actions.

With the latest updates for GitHub actions, the developers can build, test, deploy in any platform.  They can run the code in any virtual machine.

GitHub actions let the developers integrate with all the already existing developer tools.  It lets the developer mix and match new developer products and choose what works the best for them.  It lets them hook into all parts of existing CI/CD partners.

Git Hub Native CI-CD:

GitHub showed off what is next for GitHub actions in a live streaming event. One of the highlight features of GitHub actions is the ability to do CI-CD natively.  The GitHub CI-CD is still in beta and it will be opening up for the general public on November 13.  It is highly cloud-agnostic.

In this event, GitHub shows its latest native CI-CD features.  GitHub actions are one of the best ways to launch bit driven workflows around the project.

Features of Git Hub Native CI-CD:

With GitHub actions, it will be easier for the user to build, test and deploy the projects.  Now the users can do it on any platform including Linux, Mac OS, and Windows.  The users can run it in a container, there is support for many different programming languages.  The different programming languages include Node, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, .NET, Android and iOS.  It also allows the users to test multi-container apps using docker-compose in the workflow file.

Different programming languages supported in GitHub CI-CD:

  • Node.
  • Python.
  • Java.
  • PHP.
  • Ruby.
  • .Net.
  • Android.
  • iOS.

Using Matrix Builds the developers can build multiple versions in parallel and live logs for build time feedback.  All the above features will work with any cloud providers.

The pricing for public repo on GitHub CI-CD is free.  For private repo, 2000 minutes per month on the free plan, and 3000 minutes per month on the pro plan and more for teams and Enterprises.

GitHub CI-CD event highlights and additional features:

Apart from the above mentioned key aspects, there are many important things that were bought up in the event.   These additional features are the consequences of bringing all the tools that are available out there under GitHub so the developers can wire them together and improve their workflows.

  • GitHub package registries for users to share packages in private and public repositories.
  • Automatic security remediation and pull requests for vulnerable dependencies.
  • Support for sponsors in Git Hub.  If a sponsor is very excited about it one’s repository, they can subscribe and also pay patronage.

Git Hub now owns Pull Panda and this gives additional benefits for the developers because.

  • Pull panda helps the team to work productively together and stay on top of pull requests and decrease the time needed for pull requests.

When we talk about GitHub action, the features are:

  • There is no need to manually configure and setup CI-CD, or the webhooks, or any of the preparations such as buying the hardware, ensuring that the latest security patches are installed and more.
  • It is more of, add one file to the repository and it is working.
  • We can deploy to major cloud providers using actions that are stored in different repositories.


In this post, we learned about GitHub Actions and the new CI-CD features that are now natively available on GitHub.  GitHub is one of the most popular source code repositories on the planet and so it having native CI-CD capabilities only seemed natural.

With GitHub actions, Git Hub has delivered a very good solution for the developers requests as it is easy and very intuitive to use.  The features it incorporates are the ones that are needed in a modern CI-CD solution.  With that said stay tuned to TecKangaroo for more follow-up news on CI-CD and GitHub actions.

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