How to Create Keyboard Properties Shortcut in Windows 10?

Change the Basic Settings of Keyboard!!


Keyboard Properties Shortcut in Windows 10: Change the basic settings of the keyboard by accessing the Keyboard Properties in Windows 10. You can easily change the speed of your keyboard and cursor blink rate with the help of this tool. It is also possible to set how many characters need to be repeated while holding down the keys. Are you tired of accessing this tool via Run command? Then you can access it via a simple shortcut. In this short tutorial, we will give some simple steps to create a Keyboard Properties Shortcut in Windows 10.

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Easy Steps to Create Keyboard Properties Shortcut:

In order to create a shortcut for Keyboard Properties, you have to follow the below steps. Once you create the shortcut, you will start to use it easily. Therefore, you don’t need the aid of the Run command to any further extent.

  • You just need to Right-click on the Desktop and select New. After that, choose Shortcut from the pop-up menu.
    Keyboard Properties - Shortcut Creation
    Keyboard Properties – Shortcut Creation
  • You have to enter control keyboard in the text box where you have asked Type the location of the item and then click Next.
    control keyboard 
    Keyboard Properties - Shortcut Location
    Keyboard Properties – Shortcut Location
  • In the subsequent window, the default name control will be displayed in the given space of Type a name for this shortcut.
  • You can leave the default name as it is or else give any name as per your wish and then click Finish.
    Keyboard Properties - Shortcut Name
    Keyboard Properties – Shortcut Name
  • Ultimately, the Keyboard Properties shortcut is now created in your Windows 10 desktop.
    Keyboard Properties - Shortcut Created
    Keyboard Properties – Shortcut Created
  • You can access this tool with the use of this shortcut icon in any instance.


In the above article, we have explained the easy steps to create a Keyboard Properties shortcut in Windows 10. In addition, the clear-cut screenshots let you create the shortcut even easier. Access Keyboard Properties to change any basic settings of your Keyboard. Your comments are highly welcomed to keep us motivated. Thanks for visiting TecKangaroo!! Happy Learning!!

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