How to Create PSR Shortcut in Windows 10?

PSR, Problem Steps Recorder!!


PSR Shortcut in Windows 10: PSR (Problem Steps Recorder) is used to record the screen information, including the mouse click and keyboard action. It is very useful for you while troubleshooting a problem in your system. In PSR, when the recording is complete, you can share the recording file to the individual or a group to solve the problem. PSR will also help you to add the comment section in order to take notes while recording and it can also be saved for later use. PSR is really helpful for creating the screenshot of every action and describing it in simple English. It gives the exact date and time when the action took place. In this short tutorial, we will give some simple steps to create a PSR shortcut in Windows 10.

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Simple Steps to Create a PSR Shortcut in Windows 10:

To create a shortcut for the PSR, you have to follow the below steps. Once you create the shortcut, you can start using the PSR easily.

  • Right-click on the Desktop and select New, then click Shortcut from the menu.
Shortcut creation
Shortcut creation
  • You have to copy the below command and simply paste it in the space given to Type the location and then click Next.
Type the Location
Type the Location
  • Next, the following window will appear to Type a name for this shortcut.
  • You can give any name for the shortcut as your wish or else you can leave it as the default name and click Finish.
Type the Name
Type the Name
  • Finally, the shortcut for PSR will be created on your desktop.
PSR shortcut
PSR shortcut
  • Now, you can access the PSR with the use of this shortcut icon at any instance.


Hoping that the above article will help you to create a shortcut for PSR in Windows 10. Kindly shoot out your queries/suggestions in the below comment box. Don’t forget to drop your feedback.

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