How to create Resource Monitor Shortcut in Windows 10?

Excellent Tool to Monitor the System Performance!!

Resource Monitor Shortcut

Resource Monitor Shortcut in Windows 10: Resource Monitor is a utility software that shows details regarding the use of software and hardware resources in real-time computing. Users can know the information about CPU usage, disk, memory, modules and even more by means of Resource Monitor application. There are diverse ways to launch this software in your Windows system. But, here we discuss the creation of the Resource Monitor Shortcut in Windows 10 so that you can access the application whenever you need it without any hassles.


Simple Steps to create Resource Monitor Shortcut Windows 10:

In order to create the Resource Monitor Shortcut Windows 10, you have to follow the below steps one by one. Once you create the shortcut, you can start to make use of it effortlessly. Therefore, you don’t need the help of the Run command or Start menu anymore. Interested to know more about Resource Monitor!! Click Here!!

    1. Right-click on the Desktop and select New. Choose Shortcut from the pop-up menu.
      Resource Monitor Shortcut Creation
      Resource Monitor Shortcut Creation
    2. In the Create Shortcut window, you have to enter resmon in the Type the location of the item and then click Next.
      Resource Monitor Location
      Resource Monitor Location
    3. Now, you have to name the shortcut as resmon in the given space box of Type a name for this shortcut in the next window and hit Finish. [Note: you can give any name for this shortcut as per your convenience]
      Resource Monitor Shortcut name
      Resource Monitor Shortcut name
    4. At last, the shortcut of the Resource Monitor is created in your Windows 10 desktop.
      Resource Monitor Shortcut Created
      Resource Monitor Shortcut Created
    5. That’s all. Now, you can access the Resource Monitor Shortcut Windows 10 at any time.


We came to the end of this short tutorial. We hope that we have explained all the essential steps to create the Resource Monitor Shortcut Windows 10 in an easy manner. Furthermore, we have provided screenshots to make you understand the steps even simpler. Is this article helpful? Kindly share your valuable queries/suggestions in the below comment box.

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