How to create shortcut for Game Controllers in Windows 10?

Game Controllers, is used to control an object or character in the game!!

Game controllers

Game Controllers shortcut on Windows 10: It is designed as user-friendly and typically control an object or character in the game. It is an input device used with entertainment systems to provide input to a video game. Let’s now discuss how to create a shortcut for Game Controllers in Windows 10.

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Create Game Controllers Shortcut on Windows 10:

Just follow this article to know How to create the Shortcut for Game Controllers in simple ways. By double-clicking the icon you can use the Game Controllers easily in your windows.

  • Right-click on your desktop, select New → Shortcut from the popup menu.
Popup menu
Popup menu
  • The create shortcut window will appear, in Type the location of the item box type as joy.cpl or else just copy the below keyword and paste it your location box. Click next to continue.
Location window
Location window
  • The create shortcut window now asks you to type the name for this shortcut, you can leave it as default name or else you can give your preferable name.
  • After naming the shortcut, select Finish to get the shortcut for Game Controllers.
Naming tab
Naming tab
  • Finally, the shortcut creation procedure for Game Controllers will be completed.

Check out your Desktop, you will find the shortcut icon of Game Controllers.

  • Double-click on the Shortcut to run the Game Controllers.
  • Otherwise, Right-Click on the shortcut and select open simply the Game Controllers get opened.

A Quick Synopsis:

This article illustrated the outline of how to create the Game Controllers Shortcut on Windows 10 in simple steps. Please leave your reply in case of any queries on this shortcut creation. Share your feedback in the comment box.

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