How to Create System Restore Shortcut in Windows 10?

Create System Restore Shortcut in Simple Steps!

System Restore Shortcut

System Restore: It is a Windows feature that allows you to fix the computer crashes and any other malfunctions on your computer. You can create a restore point through the System Restore feature and you can go back to the previous restore point of your computer so that you can fix the crashes and malfunctions that occurred on your computer. Just follow these simple steps which will guide you to create System Restore Shortcut on Windows 10. Hereafter you don’t need to find the system restore option on your computer.

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Create System Restore Shortcut on Windows 10:

To Restore your computer you will use the Control Panel option and spend more time to find System Restore option. Just follow these steps so that you can create a System Restore Shortcut easily.

  • Right-click on your Desktop and click New option and then finally click on the Shortcut option.
Create new Shortcut
Create a new Shortcut
  • Once you clicked the shortcut option, A Create Shortcut Window will open. In the shortcut window, you have to enter the location of the system restore option. or else copy the following command and paste it on the shortcut creation window.
  • Now, Click on the Next Button.
Shortcut path
Shortcut location
  • Now the Create shortcut popup will ask you to enter a name for the shortcut. Just type “System Restore” as the shortcut name.
  • Once you entered the shortcut name click on the Finish button 
Shortcut Window
Shortcut Window
  • Now System Restore Shortcut will be added on your Desktop.
  • Double click on the System Restore icon to open System Restore Option.
  • Else Right-Click on the System Restore icon Click on Open option to open System Restore Option.
System Restore Shortcut
System Restore Shortcut

A Short Summary:

This Article demonstrates the guidelines to Create System Restore Shortcut on Windows 10 in simple steps. Please leave a reply in case of queries and leave your valuable suggestions in the comment section.

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