How to Disable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10

Disable/Remove/Uninstall Internet Explorer 11 from Windows 10

Disable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10

Disable Internet Explorer 11: Don’t want IE 11 on Windows 10? This article will guide you through the steps involved in the process of disabling Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 and if you wish, you can also bring it back again on Windows 10.

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How to Disable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10- Quick Steps:

The following steps will help you to disable or remove or uninstall Internet Explorer 11(IE) from Windows 10. We have explained them with clear images. Kindly follow the below steps.

  1. Go to Control Panel via the Start.
    Control Panel
    Control Panel
  2. Switch the Control Panel view to the Category View.
    Switch to Category view
    Switch to Category View
  3. Nextly, click on Programs.
  4. Click on “Turn Windows features on or off” from Programs and Features.
  5. Windows Features will pop-up now.
  6. You can find Internet Explorer 11 there. Locate it from the list. Uncheck the checkbox to disable the IE 11 and then click OK.
    DIsable IE 11
    DIsable IE 11
  7. Windows will search for the required files.
    Searching for the required files
    Searching for the required files
  8. After that, Windows will apply the necessary changes.
  9. Now, you will be prompted to Restart the system. It is really important to restart your system at this point so that Windows can reflect the changes that have been made.
    Restart PC
    Restart PC
Note: A Restart is required immediately after making the change so that Windows can complete the process or else the changes will be completed the time you turn on your PC later.

How to Enable Internet Explorer 11(IE) on Windows 10:

After the above steps, I am quite sure that you can enable the Internet Explorer 11easily on Windows 10. However, I will explain the final steps so that it will be comfortable for you.

  • After opening the Windows Features dialog box, you can locate IE 11 from the list and enable it.
  • Finally, restart the PC.
  • You can open Internet Explorer 11(IE) from the Start menu.
    IE 11 on Windows 10
    IE 11 on Windows 10

Conclusion of the Article:

With the above article, you can now disable Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10 with the help of Windows and Features of Control Panel. Enabling IE 11 will also be a hassle-free process as the steps remain the same. IE has gone through a long way and till being a favorite browser for several communities.

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