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How to Enable Developer Mode in Windows 10[Simple Steps]

Run Apps from Visual Studio and also Sideload apps in Debug Mode

Enable Developer mode in Windows 10

Enable Developer Mode in Windows 10: A few will be surprised to get to know about the Developer mode of Windows 10 as they are most known to people via Smartphones particularly Android. This mode is not for a normal user but a tester will developer will need this option for a number of reasons on both PC and as well their Smartphones. There are a number of things possible with Developer mode enabled on Windows 10 and in this article, we will take you through the steps of enabling it in Windows 10 using detailed steps. Check out: Enable .NET Framework 4.8 in Windows 10

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Features of Developer Mode in Windows 10:

Before getting to know the advantages of enabling Developer mode in Windows 10, this mode is not for regular users rather as the name suggests, it is for the testers and developers.

In the Developer mode settings, you will find the following three options.

  1. Microsoft Store apps
  2. Sideload apps
  3. Developer mode

Microsoft Store apps:

By default, this is the selected mode for all the users. This mode is for normal users.

Sideload apps:

It allows you to test or run an app that is not certified or approved by Microsoft Store.

Developer mode:

This mode allows you to test or run sideload apps and also the apps from VS in debug mode. If you are developing software with Visual Studio, then you have to enable Developer Mode to run and test it in the debug mode.

Warning: Each of the above-listed options vary with the Security Level and hence make sure what you are doing before changing the above options.

How to Enable Developer Mode in Windows 10- Easy Steps:

  1. Open Windows Settings using the shortcut Win Key + I.
  2. Then, click on Update & Security.
    Updates & Security
    Updates & Security
  3. Now, from the left pane, click on “For Developers“.
    For Developers
    For Developers
  4. Under Use developer features, click on the radio button for Developer mode.
    Enable Developer mode
    Enable Developer mode
  5. A pop-up will now appear stating “Turning on developer mode, including testing and running apps outside the Microsoft store will expose your device to security risks and more you want to turn on developer mode?”. Click Yes.
  6. Windows will now search for the developer mode package.
    Searching for the developer package
    Searching for the developer package 
  7. Finally, the Developer mode is now turned-on in Windows 10.
    Developer mode turned on
    Developer mode turned on
Note: Make sure you have an active Internet Connection to carry out this process.

Conclusion of the Article:

If you are a developer then you may have to need to enable Developer mode in Windows 10 for carrying out a number of processes. However, enabling developer mode or sideload apps will have security risks as it allows running or testing apps outside the Microsoft store. Hence it is better for normal users to stay away from this mode and developers will be knowing what they are dealing with.

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