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How to Use DAY Function in Microsoft Excel?

Usage of the DAY Function in Microsoft Excel!!


DAY Function in Excel:

In this article, we will describe the outline on how to use the DAY Function in Microsoft Excel.


Explanation of DAY Function:

The Excel DAY Function returns the day of a date which is ranging from the integer between 1 and 31. The DAY Function needs to be represented by a serial number.

Basic Syntax of DAY Function in Excel:

The Basic syntax of the DAY Function in Excel is,


DAY Function – Practical Examples:

Let’s look at some examples of DAY Function and analyze how to use it in Microsoft Excel.

Example 1:

Here the example for DAY Function in Excel,

  • The Input value is given in the cell C5.

NOTE: In Input value, you should give the value as the month → date → year format then only the DAY Function returns the day of a date.

  • Enter the Formula to execute the DAY Function.
  • In the output cell E5, the formula has been entered.
  • Follow the below screenshot to enter the formula.
  • Press Enter to Display the Output.

Example 2:

Let us discuss another example for DAY Function in Excel,

  • Repeat the same steps that are followed in the above example to execute the output.
  • The below screenshot has explained with the different ways of entering the Input to display the DAY function.
Example 2
Example 2


This article gives you the clarification about the definition, basic syntax, and usage of the DAY Function in Microsoft Excel 365 with a few practical examples. Kindly drop your valuable suggestions/queries in the comment box & don’t forget to drop your worthwhile Feedback. Thanks for visiting TecKangaroo!! Keep Learning!!

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