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How to use NOW Function in Microsoft Excel?

Usage of NOW Function!

NOW Function

NOW Function in Excel:

In the short tutorial, we will describe the outline on how to use the NOW Function in Microsoft Excel. Let’s get into the article!!

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What is meant by NOW Function?

The Excel NOW Function displays the current date and time. It returns the result in numerical representation (serial number). NOW Function also returns the date and time for before and future.

Primary Syntax of NOW Function:

The Primary syntax of Excel NOW Function is,


NOW Function – Practical Examples:

Let’s look at the examples of NOW function and explore how it works in Microsoft Excel.

Example 1:

  • Open the Excel worksheet first.
  • Use the below-mentioned formula to know the current date & time.
  • Else copy the above formula and paste it in your Excel book.
  • Refer to the below screenshot.
Example 1
Example 1
  • Check out the output column to know the current date and time using NOW Function.

Example 2:

  • NOW Function can also display the future as well as the before time & date from the current date and time.
  • Here we have explained the NOW Function using different ways of formulas.
  • For the clear cut way of using NOW Function in Excel follow the below screenshot to know more about NOW Function.
Example 2
Example 2


Hoping this article gave you a clear tutorial about the explanation, basic syntax, and usage of the NOW Function in Microsoft Excel. In addition, the NOW Function explained with some practical examples with clear cut screenshots. Kindly share your suggestions/queries in the comment box & don’t forget to drop your feedback.

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