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How to use TODAY Function in Microsoft Excel?

Formula for TODAY Function in Excel!!

TODAY Function

TODAY Function: In this article, we provided information about TODAY Function in Microsoft Excel. Let us get into the tutorial!!


Explanation of TODAY Function:

TODAY Function in Excel returns the present date represent in a serial number. It also calculates the date between intervals i.e. if you have given as =TODAY()+7 it returns the date after 7 days from the current date.

Basic Syntax of TODAY Function in Excel:

The Basic syntax of the TODAY Function in Excel is,


TODAY Function – Practical Examples:

Now look some examples for TODAY Function and analyze how it works in Microsoft Excel.

Example 1:

  • Here the below screenshot explains to you about TODAY Function in Excel.
  • Use the below formula to find the present date.
  • You can simply copy the below formula and paste it in your Excel sheet.
  • It returns the current date in serial number.
  • Refer to the output column in the below screenshot.
Example 1
Example 1

Example 2:

  • Enter the formula as given in the below screenshots.
  • To find the date for before and after from the current date, we can use TODAY Function.
  • Refer to the below screenshot for a different way of using the TODAY Function Formula.
Example 2
Example 2


This article gives you information about the definition, basic syntax, and usage of the TODAY Function in Microsoft Excel 365 with a few practical examples. If you have any queries related to this topic and then feel free to comment us below. Kindly drop your worthwhile Feedback.

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