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Latest IDEs(Best) in the market in 2020!

There are many new IDEs coming out and it is hard to decide which one to use. This post will show which is the most recent IDE and which to use today.

Top 10 Latest IDE

Latest IDE:

May you be an experienced programmer or a beginner at times you really need to know what is the latest IDE in the market.  In this post, we have compiled the list of the latest major IDEs and their uses for you to get an idea about them.

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Visual Studio:

Latest Version: Visual Studio 2019

Visual Studio 2019
Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft Visual Studio is a full-featured IDE that is best in class and has all the tools a developer will ever need.  It has an editor for coding, debug, test and deploy to any platform.  As of writing this article, Visual Studio 2019 is the latest version of this IDE.  Please note that there are three editions of this IDE available and they are Community, Professional, and Enterprise.

Apache Net Beans:

Jet Brains 11.1.1
Jet Brains 11.2

Latest Version: Apache Net Beans 11.2

The latest version of this IDE is 11.2.  This IDE can be used to develop desktop applications.  mobile applications, Java, JavaScript, HTML5, PHP, C/C++ and more.  This IDE is free and it is available for download.  It is also open source.


PyCharm 2019.3
PyCharm 2019.3

Latest Version: Pycharm 2019.3

The latest version of Pycharm is 2019.3  There are two editions for this IDE and they are Professional and Community.  The community edition is good for only pure Python Development but the professional can be used to develop HTML, JS, SQL and more.

IntelliJ IDE:

Intelli J
Intelli J

Latest Version: IntelliJ IDE 2019.3

2019.3 is the latest version of IntelliJ IDE. This IDE is available in two versions.  The Ultimate version is available for enterprise and web development.  The Community is available for JVM and Android development.  It has support for various development tools including CI-CD and more.



Latest Version: Eclipse 2019-09

Eclipse is used for the development of Java applications and the latest version of this IDE is the 2019-09 version.  It has tools to develop modular business apps for desktop, browser, and mobile.  It has many packages that can be added to it to increase its capabilities.  It supports various programming languages such as HTML, JS, CSS and more.

Code Blocks:

code blocks
code blocks

Latest Version: Code Blocks 2017.12

Code blocks are available for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X.  The latest version of this IDE is 2017.12.  It has not been updated in quite a while but it is still a very capable IDE.  It has features for the user to discard the old config file if it fails to load.  It tries to fix the build with a newer boost.

Aptana Studio 3:

Aptana Studio 3
Aptana Studio 3

Latest Version: Aptana Studio 3

It is the world’s most powerful HTML web development IDE.  The latest version of this IDE is 3.6.  It has very good code assist for HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, and Ruby.  It also has a web deployment wizard.  It provides the developer with an integrated debugger and more for full development experience.

Komodo IDE:

komodo ide
komodo ide

Latest Version: Komodo IDE 11.1.1

The latest version of the Komodo IDE is 11.1.1. There is support for all languages and frameworks.  It has a customizable UI.  It has good version control with SVN and Git.  It provides a profiler for PHP and Python.


XCode 11
XCode 11

Latest Version: XCode 11

This IDE is exclusive to Apple products.  It is available only on Mac.  It can be used to make applications for iPhone, Mac, apple watch and other apple products.  It has everything you need to make greate apple applications.  We can make use of Swift UI, declarative swift syntax.  The latest version of this IDE is XCode 11.


Ruby Mine
Ruby Mine

Latest Version: JetBrains 2019.3

RubyMine is developed by JetBrains IDE.  It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.  As the name suggests, this IDE is meant for Ruby Developers.  It supports other programming languages as well.  The latest version of RubyMine is 2019.3


The above are the most major IDEs that are there on the market.  The latest version of each of these IDEs is given above.  They are most useful while developing in their intended programming language and framework but Visual Studio is the most powerful IDE and it probably has support for almost all the major programming language and frameworks.  The latest version of Visual Studio is 2019.

For more such posts, stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

Latest IDEs
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