Microsoft 365 In 2020 New Features For Teams OneDrive And More

It Is time to look back at the new features introduced in Microsoft 365 this month of December is coming to a close, In 2020 Microsoft announces new services and features to help users deal with the ongoing pandemic and Adopt to working or remote learning.

We have divided this recap app into different sections to highlight different Microsoft 365 apps and services including OneDrive, Microsoft Outlook, Teams, Excel,  Word, and more. Here is a look at what you need.


We will start with Microsoft’s file hosting and sharing service on OneDrive. This firm added a lot of features most notably the announcement of the new Microsoft Teams integration. OneDrive gains new file-sharing capabilities in Teams to provide a consistent sharing experience across Microsoft 365. For business or SharePoint Microsoft also made it possible to store Teams meeting and call recordings in OneDrive.

OneDrive picked up a new feature called ADD TO ONEDRIVE that makes it easy for users of the service to add share folders into their private OneDrive folder list. Microsoft also increased the upload file size limit from 15 GB To 100 GB in OneDrive and sharepoint for all users. Important features added to OneDrive.

  • Improved the new first experience in OneDrive.
  • The company delivered a new OneDrive widget for iOS 14.
  • OneDrive on iOS got a new home experience.
  • Enhance the file protection and governance capability in OneDrive and SharePoint.
  • The new file detail pane and activity feed allows the user to see commands and file activity in a single view.
  • Onedrive for iOS now supports viewing live photos and uploading.
  • Onedrive family and group sharing allow users to predefine their family or friends group for sharing photos, documents, or albums.

For OneDrive in 2021 although not including in the year’s news there is still more coming. The company announced that it is bringing Dark Mode to OneDrive for the web across the commercial and personal accounts. The update is expected to go live in 2021.

Microsoft Outlook, Excel, And Word:

Microsoft Teams list will be Excel, Word, and Outlook. Microsoft announces audio transcription features are now integrated into word for the web. Uses transcribe recorded audio/video files and live meetings. The ability to dedicate with voice command in-office mobile and the web version of the word.

Microsoft Excel company announces some important updates. Forms for Excel a new experience that makes it easier to gather information from employees with an organization. Money in Excel is another new to consumer focus solution that helps to manage budget including account transactions credit or debit cards and much more.

There was a major change earlier this fall with Outlook. Microsoft introduced cloud settings and roaming signature in Outlook. That the users can now save some settings to the cloud profile and sync their Outlook signature across devices. Also, Outlook for Mac got an update with a fresh new look to prep for big sur.

Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams signs of showing down the new features, even though the covid-19 pandemic might be upon us, but Microsoft rolled out big updates for Teams. The first one is the ability to create Virtual Breakout rooms during meetings.

Microsoft releases new personal features for preview in the Microsoft Teams desktop and web clients and mobile apps. Users can now chat with friends or family members who don’t have a Teams account. The personal version of the app provides location alerts when a family member arrived or leaves at designated locations. Thanks to these features.

The other added features for Microsoft Teams include interoperability between Skype for business and Teams and the ability to switch between personal and work accounts. To check out our in-depth recap post to read more about Teams updates.

Microsoft Teams will continue its incredible run of innovation and growth. That there is still more coming for Teams in early 2021. The popular collaboration platform will soon support native OS notifications on Windows and Mac meeting reaction and more.

Native Office 365 Apps For M1 Macs And More In The New Lists App:

At the end of the recap, we will look at some updates for SharePoint and the other Microsoft 365 app. The SharePoint space is now generally available and developers can now create mixed reality space. The is also a new My Feed web part for SharePoint which allows relevant content from across Microsoft 365.

One of the newest apps for Microsoft 365 is the new list app that helps users track information and organized work. Microsoft Teams list supports commenting and it provides various views in Teams. Microsoft 365 includes a new version of Microsoft 365 for Mac apps that runs natively on the new M1 powered App MacBooks.

Microsoft definitely improved on Microsoft 365 in 2020 and the updates to Microsoft 365 reflect that. Microsoft has announced many new services including the moca project, universal point, Microsoft family safety app, Microsoft editor, and the Microsoft productivity score. Keep up to date on all the latest features and news via by dedicated news hub.

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