Microsoft brings modern parallax effects to Windows 10 lock screen

As it builds more software-related value propositions for surface Pro and subsequent Pro X line of detachable Microsoft is testing more mobile-driven features in Windows 10 operating system.

In features uncovered in the experimental flags section in Windows 10, the command prompt appears Microsoft experimenting with bringing parallax 3D effect in Windows 10 lock screen, Windows spotlight features to the desktop, and more camera features to the settings app.

Windows Settings
Windows Settings

The Windows latest was the first to dig out buried improvements and test their implementations. The most sought feature in the report the parallax 3D parallax effect was one of the few they were unable to test. From the description, the lock screen parallax would function like the effect does on most iPhones or UWP apps using devices accelerometer scoring mechanics to produce a visual panning experience. With the current Windows 10, lock screen features the parallax addition would be managed with the settings app and offer an opt-out option.

Another feature could see Microsoft streamlining the Windows spotlight feature with wallpaper on lock screen settings. Microsoft provides a workaround to bring bing images to users desktop that includes a website promoted exe download.

Windows spotlight has been wonky and unstable at worst resulting in a broken switching mechanism leaving the desktop wallpaper unchanged for a long time.

Windows Settings
Windows Settings

The Microsoft Sun valley Windows 10 visual overhaul project finally make it simple to visit the settings app to personalize the desktop based on feature images in a more consistent manner.

Development of coming to the latest Windows 10 testing is in the camera settings which includes users able to adjust image quality, contrast, manage webcam, setups brightness from the settings app.

Windows hasn’t acknowledged the features or are testing them and they are tied to Dev inside channel they could stay there without a release or at some point moved into a channel with a concrete release time frame. It is reported that Microsoft intense to bring its Sun value project to light in 2021 which could house many features to light sometime next year.

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