Microsoft Teams Breakout Rooms Generally Available

It is difficult to create a meaningful connection in a large group setting. Breakout room allows dividing the meeting into sub-group to facilitate discussions and brainstorming sessions.

Breakout rooms are generally available in Microsoft Teams.

The meeting Organisers can create up to 50 breakout rooms and choose to automatically or manually assign participants. Start Breakout room in Team meetings is Teams channel meetings, allowing great flexibility that you want to meet.

The meeting organizer can allow participants to come back to the main meeting at any time. Participants can ask clarifying questions without disturbing the Breakout discussions.

Use the setting to recreate Breakout rooms in the same meeting. This allows assigning participants into a new room setup.

The organizer can create, delete. and rename the room as needed.

Meeting organizers can join any of the breakout sessions.  Can quickly switch attendees in between Breakout rooms.

The organizer can send an announcement to the breakout room and call the participants back to the main meeting.

All the innovations that make Teams meeting interactive intelligent and inclusive are available within the breakout rooms. Attendees can discuss the topic in the breakout room while in a virtual coffee shop. Students can bring up Microsoft whiteboard and draw out their ideas. Security features that help make you a Teams meeting safe and Secure place to meet.

Any files from the breakout rooms can be shared and this will be available afterward in the meeting chat.

Important points:

  1. The organizer can start the Breakout room.
  2. The meeting Organiser can start the Breakout room on the desktop.
  3. Participants can join the breakout room from web or mobile, desktop. Yet Microsoft Teams rooms do not have Breakout Room capabilities.
  4. Participants logged in multiple devices will join the same Breakout room.
  5. Confirm that the new meeting experience is enabled.
  6. Make sure and check that the latest Teams update.
  7. IT admin can check in the tenants can get updates, which may impact new features like Breakout rooms.
  8. Without any additional action, educators will have the option to push students into the Breakout room and pull them back to the main meeting.
  9. Students can join and assign to a breakout room, use whiteboard or screen share, as followed in the normal School meeting.
  10. Teams meeting the same security for the same policies and options applied to the breakout room.
  11. Learn about more Breakout rooms at your school or universities.

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