Microsoft Teams extend temporary limit increase for Teams live events until June 2021

Microsoft announces a temporary increase and standard attendee limit for live events in Teams, Yammer, or Stream. The company announced Microsoft 365 admin center to extend the limit increase for Microsoft 365 events until June 30, 2021.

Recently Microsoft 365 live events were put in the LimeLight as people can no longer gather for in-person events. To meet the growing needs the company reviewed and extended the limit several times.

Support customer needs live events run through Teams, Stream, and Yammer will continue to support 20,000 attendees 50 events per tenant and 16-hour duration. The organization can take advantage of the live events assistant program to host live events of up to 100 thousand attendees.

Microsoft specifies that the event hosts need an advanced communication license to host events for more than 100,000 participants and the duration is longer than 4 hours after June 30, 2021. To have permanent access to increase the limits checkout team support article for details.

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