Microsoft Teams family friendly features

Earlier Microsoft launcher preview for personal features in Teams on IOS and Android for communication with family and friends. The personal features are coming to desktop and web and making easy for Teams user to use the app to chat with family and friends.

Users can add personal account to Teams desktop or web to sync chat on all computer and carry the conversation on any device. Now we can use the desktop or web app to call friends and family even when they don’t have Teams as the company explained.

To use the personal features, sign in with the personal account on the desktop or the web app. For users who have work account in the desktop app should click on the profile picture and check if add personal account is available. The user have to wait until the app is updated or the admin enables it in the organisation.

The Teams desktop and web app will keep the personal activities in separate window. Teams with free account allows user to share photos and videos in personal or group chat up to 250 people and create a video meeting of 49 people at once using gallery view or together mode. All the users can use video meeting up to 300 participants for 24 hours.

The Teams desktop and web can be used to chat with friends and family while the other mobile app features will come to desktop soon. New features are coming in preview for Teams mobile app like the feature to send messages to family or friends who don’t have Teams and notification when loved ones arrive or leave a location.

They are working to bring more features to users on all devices and make the features generally available. Teams crossed over 15 million users in October and the personal features will help grow even bigger in coming months.

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