Microsoft Teams Pop-Out apps into a separate window

Microsoft announced new capabilities for managing Teams app at build 2020 including the ability to Pop-Out apps into separate windows. As pointed by Microsoft MVP the feature is generally available on Teams desktop.

Teams app pop out
Teams app pop-out

Teams allow users to Pop-Out chat meetings and calls. With this users can open apps in separate windows without blocking the contents of the main screen. They can maximize or resize the application if required.

Teams App Pop-Out
Teams App Pop-Out

The Pop-Out app navigates to the navigation pane right-click on the app and see the Pop-Out option. Click the option and Teams will open the application in a resizable window.

The experience enables users to focus on a specific app to continue working in Teams without closing background conversations. It makes it easier to multitask by popping out multiple apps. The feature is helpful for contact centers and enterprise uses.

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