Microsoft Teams Recap For 2020

2020 was a very special year for each and everyone with a world pandemic made that impact everyone’s changed the way we work. This year has been Priti brutal for many sectors including food surveys restaurants and transport or the even industry through the biggest tech companies including Microsoft, Google, Apple or Amazon are still thriving.

Microsoft quickly forces a work from home policy for its employees and challenged all persons even until July 2021. At the beginning of the covid-19 pandemic, This global switch to work had a big impact on the growth of Microsoft themes and zoom and the software giant also didn’t fail to launch various new hardware and surveys.

while Microsoft has continued to perform very well after a quarter this year there have been some notable misses and the consumer side, with the closer of the company mixer game streaming service coming first. This is my personal and non-exhaustive list of Microsofts hits and misses.

One Of The Best Deals In Gaming Is Xbox Game Pass Is Remaining:

Xbox Games Pass cross 15 million subscribers and the service reminds one of their best deals in gaming. Microsoft added  EA play games and Xbox could gaming to the ultimate tier at no additional cost and continuing to see high profile games joining the service such as Doom or Control Eternal.

The new Xbox Games Pass studios titles continue to launch on Xbox Games Pass for console and PC games it has really helped niche games like Microsoft flight simulator to reach over 2 million PC players. Microsoft’s upcoming acquisition of the media will guarantee a regular stream of new first-party games coming to the service and the Microsoft is likely not done with studio acquisition and business deals.

In the addition of EA play to Xbox Game Pass ultimate recent rumor is the Ubisoft + catalog could also join Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft is certainly ready to make Xbox Game Pass even more attractive than that.

Microsoft Teams become a juggernaut:

Since launch, the Microsoft Teams has been one of the fastest new to office 365 service. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this app has experienced meteoric growth. Microsoft Teams announce 115 million daily active users back in October adding 40 million new uses in just six months.

Microsoft teams to complete with slack and zoom, in later soon joining Salesforce following a $ 27.7 billion deal with their CRM heavyweight. Microsoft teams 365 commercial plans, continue to benefit from being integrated with various Microsoft, but Microsoft also introduces a new personal future in teams this year so we wonder if skype is really here to stay.

Microsoft seems to have double down on Teams from the beginning of the pandemic adding several use futures to make the video conferencing experience better than Zoom. Sometimes it is hard to keep with all their updates coming to teams but a good recap of both Teams added there in 2020.

Your Phone Is Becoming an Essential Windows App 10:

If the selection of Microsoft new UWP apps that ship with Windows 10 still, the phone is starting to really stand out. The phone will allow the sync of recent pictures send and receive text messages and even make phone calls right here.

Apple has created similar synergies between Macs and iPhones. It is nice to see Windows 10 finally catching up. Microsoft has been testing some text using phone features on select Samsung Galaxy device including the ability to run multiple Android apps on the PC and the company can probably do more to make Android device with Windows 10.

Microsoft introduced several new Windows 10 features that did not really get momentum, and the list includes a timeline and the Phone deprecated shortcut in the taskbar. The phone isn’t as deeply integrated into the system and reminds an app that can be updated gradually through the Microsoft store and that is probably best for users. Remember that having to wait 6 months to get new features for the legacy Microsoft Edge. Microsoft should probably avoid doing that again.

Microsoft It Didn’t Screw Up The Launch Of Its Xbox Series:

All of us remember the disastrous launch of the Xbox one 7 years ago. When Microsoft had a console that was less powerful than the competition but still cost $100 more due to the inclusion of Kinect. The Xbox one also really suffered from all the FUD about the requirement to be always connected to the internet and Microsoft years to rebuild the trust it had lost.

The recent launch of the Xbox series x / s is a completely different story. Microsoft did not share any sales numbers both consoles have been selling out very quickly in all the launch markets. During the holiday enthusiasts haven’t been able to get their hands on the new Xbox or p55.

The Xbox series x and series s unfortunately launched without the flagship game that should have been Halo, but delaying the game to fall 2021 was definitely the right thing to do even though there’s still a bit worried about it. Microsoft we have a strong lineup of exclusive games and the company also has yet to conceive that the Xbox series x is the most powerful new console on the market. Microsoft platform games such as Creed Valhalla Assassins Dirt 5 for the much-criticized cyberpunk 2077 run just as well, if not better on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console.

Windows 10 Users Are Not So Exciting :

The OS finally crossed the 1 billion monthly active users mark earlier this year after 5 years launch of Windows 10. The ongoing pandemic has apparently benefited manufacture with data showing that global PC shipments up  15 % compared to last year.

Once again Microsoft Windows 10 update with the letter a pretty minor update with just a couple of UI changes. The company was accelerated innovation in Windows 10 to meet customers where they are now. Result in Windows 10 Microsoft’s OS originally designed for the dual-screen device and it will now ship first on single screen device so that the customer could using the cloud-powered app first and foremost.

To accelerated innovation in Windows 10, the significant design update codenamed sun valley could make its debut in the second half of 2021 with the Windows 10 21 H 2 update.

In the bi-annual Windows 10 release cycle, the company’s internetwork on Windows 10 and the slow progress on Windows 10 on  ARM may look like the windows division. It is probably Apple that made PCs exciting again this year with the launch of the first Apple silicon Macs, which do not suffer from the same performance and compatibility issues that have been plaguing Windows 10 on ARM PCs.

If Apple expects to transition its whole mac line to its own Apple silicone. Windows 10 on ARM still looks like a little side project. Instead of the future of Windows 10. The first Windows 10 device will apparently keep using Intel chips that no longer offer the best battery life on a mobile device if Windows 10 X can avoid ending up like another Windows RT or Windows phone, but apple being all-in on ARM chips seems to be the right thing.

Microsoft Still Did Not Get Social:

The game streaming service that Microsoft acquired four years earlier. When all these services experienced meteoric growth during their pandemic. The Redmond giant company spend a lot of money to get big streamers like  Ninja to stream exclusively on the mixer but this did not really help to move the needle and the mixture continues to lag behind YouTube. Twitch and Facebook gaming this year.

If Mixers Faster then Light protocol will live on other Microsoft products including teams. Microsoft still doesn’t get social. WhiIe zoom pretty much became the default app for video meetings. What happened to Skype in the funny video that went viral a couple of months ago.

The new Xbox apps available on Windows 10 iOS and Android dropped all Xbox live social features such as Xbox live clubs. More and more Xbox games gamer are now ignoring games Xbox lives social features in favor of discord services. and Microsoft itself is a heavy discard user with many official services.

Discard acquisition making a lot of sense for the company but unfortunately, the company chased that another rabbit this year with TikTok in what ended up quite an embracing episode for the company. The Chinese social network to sell its US operations to US-based company Microsoft step do it but ultimately dodged the bullet. The fate of the company’s operations is still in Limbo.

Discard would be the perfect acquisition for Microsoft as it is currently growing fast and tries to distance itself from its initial gaming focus. Discard also has a live streaming community that Microsoft could be interested in following the sunsetting of the mixer. Discord is a much better social app than Microsoft teams which Microsoft is now typing to position as a Skype zoom alternative for consumers.

The slow Growth Of surface family continues:

Microsoft is a company that slowly iterates and that’s why we keep seeing the same design in the latest surface book, surface laptop, and surface pro device. The surface pro x was an interesting change but it looks like the refreshed design is not coming to the surface pro 8.

With the launch of its first surface Go tablet in 2018. Microsoft follows up with more low-cost surface devices with the surface Go 2 and the surface laptop Go, it is certainly a good thing to make the surface device more affordable, that many surface fans are still waiting for a true surface workstation. This device is the surface laptop pro which would have a powerful dedicated GPU that is still missing on the regular surface laptop models and no gimmicks like the detachable from the surface book line.

There is a market for a boring surface phone with a single screen unlike the surface Duo but with the same premium design and top-of-the-line space, the surface Duo and initially like it because of the disappointing camera as well as an issue with USB c port the best one is iPhone 12 pro instead.

The first-gen surface Duo is overpriced for a device that shipped with a subpar camera and an unpolished OS. After a couple of software updates the Android OS and it is apps like the Microsoft launcher apparently still require some work. Microsoft acquired the operation team from a Finnish company working on the surface of Duo’s Android software.

Microsoft is serious about its surface Duo line and we hope the surface due 2 will be fixed the shortcomings from the first-gen devices. The company still has a deep partnership with Samsung and the company’s latest Galaxy device have unique synergies with Windows 10.

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