Office Lens App Removed From Microsoft

Microsoft has removed its document scanning app, office lens from the Microsoft store. The company announced that as of January 1st the app on Windows PC would also lose several cloud-based features including saving pictures to OneDrive, Word, OneNote, PowerPoint, or as PDFs. Android and IOS versions of office lens are unaffected and users can download the app via the respective app store. PC users can use other Microsoft apps such as a camera to scan documents in OneNote.

In October 2020 Microsoft had first relieved the cut-off date for the office lens Windows app. Cloud-based service in-office lens for windows such as saving your pictures to OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, or PDF is no longer available in the app as of December 31st, 2020. Users can continue to use any other features of the app that has installed on the computer or device. Office lens for Windows 10 is longer available for download from the Microsoft Store as of January 1st, 2021.

That PC users who still have the office lens could still use their application though, its notable features are now available practically leaving it useless. The document scanning app is more natural and used or a mobile device they tend to have better cameras and are easy to carry around. However, the new app update might be set back for some surface users who enjoyed that, to laptop’s light build and isn’t a camera. Later this Microsoft plans to end support for other Windows applications such as Skype for business online connector and Visio web access.

The RedMount US-based company is planning a sweeping visual rejuvenation of the Windows operating system in October this year. Past rumors also indicated that the company would usually modify the Start Menu, Action Clear, Taskbar and Windows app Windows 10 21 H2 sun valley update.



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