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Voice to text tools for blogger:

Check Cyan Voice for WordPress lets you use your voice to text on WordPress.   This is a unique new tool that is made for WordPress bloggers.

For a very long time, Bloggers around the World are manually typing the content for their blogs. Typing blog content for blocks is a very boring process. Also, it is not easy to type lots of content for lengthy articles. It can get even more difficult when the blogger is not a seasoned typewriter.

Fortunately, with the latest advancement in voice to text technology we can type our content of the blog using voice to text. In fact, the very blog article that you are reading right now is written using this app.

The official website for the tool is given below.  Do check out the website and the service.

Cyan Voice: For Bloggers

You will be doing yourself a huge favor by starting to use the app right from the starting stages of your blog.

If you want to know more about the app please ask us in the comments below.

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