Use Slash Command In Microsoft Teams

Users likely have used the command prompt to accomplish a common or admin task. Did you know Teams has commands? The top search bar in Teams can input commands. We will look at some today.

Slash commands:

Slash command in Teams web and desktop allows performing common tasks. Do things like update status, go to a specific channel, show recent files. Click the mouse in the search box and type slash and see all the commands available. Press alt+k or option+k to open the command list. Appreciate these slash commands because they save time during a busy day.

Common slash commands:

Teams Slash commands

/activity See a coworker’s activity

/away Set your status to away

/busy Set your status to busy

/call Call a certain number or contact

/dnd Set status to do not disturb

/goto Go to a team or channel

/files See your recent files

/mention Your @mentions

Teams slash commands
Teams slash commands

The first check of the slash commands will show a long list of supported commands. There is a total of 18 commands that are supported. Teams has these but if something isn’t working then the organization disabled the feature. Some commands are above.

Not keyboard shortcuts:

The focus is on slash command and these should not be compared with keyboard shortcuts. These are different things. Slash commands are for a common task but shortcuts are focused on the navigation of Teams. We explain them in a post. Check out the dedicated Teams tag for more Teams news and information.

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