Virtual Breakout Rooms Together Mode And More In Teams Added in 2020

What is new in Microsoft Teams in 2020 now is a good time to look back. As the popular collaboration platform pickup slew of futures to make virtual interactions and getting and support the global shift to remote work. Here is custom background breakout rooms and more.

Chat & Collaboration features

The biggest story of them all is the support for the pinned posts. For easier access, Microsoft updated the Team’s experience. The message appears in the channel information pane.

In Microsoft Teams real-time presence is available now. That the app now uses a new subscription-based model to provide real-time presence update. Set a certain status for a specific period of time is another new feature in this area. Also, users can opt for a custom duration opt for a customs duration option to help remote workers focus on dedicated tasks.

Microsoft company launched a new app for Microsoft Teams. The new tasks experience provides a new unified view of tasks from across planner Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft. The other collaboration features and chat can be seen below.

  1. The offline status option finally rolled out to the desktop version of Microsoft Teams.
  2. Microsoft whiteboard read-only mode rolled out for Microsoft Teams.
  3. Users can now create a planner task from channel conversation and chat in Microsoft Teams.
  4. IT admin says save Teams meeting and call recording in OneDrive or SharePoint.

Meeting and Calling

There are meetings and calling features. Here is the virtual breakout room is the biggest one.  The meeting organizer can split participants into separate sab meetings for group discussion. The organizer can now jump around between rooms assign people to these breakout rooms and send announcements to all.

Next is the ability to add a custom background in Microsoft teams. That allows users to choose from and selected images to hide the messy room during a video call our meeting is one of the popular future in Microsoft teams.

Other features are available in Microsoft teams that the arrival of polls in Microsoft Teams meeting. Organizes and presenters create and launch polls before during and after meetings. To do this just need to add their forms are tab to teams. Participants will be able to view and respond to these polls by a pop-up bubble chat pane after created the meeting successfully.

There are also other important features in the collaboration perspective. Microsoft Teams big enhancements like a large gallery view and together mode. It is possible to enable based noise suppression in Teams. Other major updates from meetings included here.

  • Microsoft Teams users can now enable “Full-screen mode”
  • The Hard mute option helps presented to stops distractions by preventing attendees from unmuting during meetings.
  • Users can use the raise and option to contribute to your discussion without interrupting the conversation.
  • Now presenters can use the desktop client to pin individual fields for attendees to view during  Teams meeting.
  • Now, this feature allows users to pop out chats and Teams app in separate Windows.

More features and announcements

What is new for teams in 2020 is the new Native ARM on 64 Teams app is wrapping up the list. Indeed of ARM 64 devices can now download and run a native Arm on 64 Teams desktop client to get a Faster and a more stable experience. Microsoft Teams also announced a bunch of new devices team phones and some new team apps a public review program.

Just listed some of the core futures added two Teams in 2020 but there are a lot more that cannot be covered in one spot. So head over to the news for all the latest Microsoft Teams news and information.

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