[New] VisualStudio Online is for coding on the cloud using Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio online is the latest. It makes development possible for anyone without access to their powerful development environment.

Visual Studio online

Microsoft Visual Studio Online:

Microsoft today announced the Microsoft Visual Studio Online.  It is an online companion to both Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio code.  Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code are both Microsoft products that will complement the new online Visual Studio Online.

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Visual Studio online is based on the open source Visual Studio Code editor that has been available since 2015.  Developers around the world have actively contributed to the code editor on GitHub.  Visual Studio online can now support all the extensions available Visual Studio Code market place also and also provide the popular features of visual studio code workspace.

Important New Features of Visual Studio Online:

  • Visual Studio Intellicode:  Based on the understanding of how the APIs are being used across many different repositories in GitHub, it will improve the auto-completion in the Visual Studio online.
  • Visual Studio Live Share:  This is one of our favorite features.  It brings in an online editor tool for developers to collaborate real-time on the same project right from the comfort of Visual Studio code.
  • Cloud-based language service and also better code navigation capabilities.

The main idea behind visual studio online is not about having a one-stop development environment for everyone around the world but to have it as a companion for Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio.  It is more recommended for developers who are looking to collaborate on their code edits, quick review, make a pull request and more.

Visual Studio using the Visual Studio online
Visual Studio using the Visual Studio online

It is worth noting that Visual Studio Online was earlier Microsoft’s service for DevOps.  It was later rebranded as Azure DevOps.  This lets Microsoft reuse the name for something to be more meaning full today and finally offer an actual code editor online.  But some might find it slightly misleading as Visual Studio online is not an online port for the popular IDE Visual Studio but it is a port for only the open source Chrome-based text editor Visual Studio code.

Visual Studio code using the Visual Studio online
Visual Studio code using the Visual Studio online

In the latest GitHub survey, Visual Studio Code is the most popular programming tool and also the most contributed project in GitHub.  This lets us know that Visual Studio code is loved very much in the developer community and many will be happy that Microsoft is making this available without any download.

Currently, Microsoft has claimed that they have made great progress in regard to individual development experience and team collaboration.  Many developers around the world have given feedback and this has helped Microsoft improve the experience and make the service more and more developer friendly.

Due to this feature, we are able to connect to a cloud-based development environment within Visual Studio code.  We can debug remote code hosted in a cloud environment inside Visual studio code.

Browser-based web companion:

Browser based companion
Browser-based companion

Visual Studio Code browser-based web companion will help developer not very much as a full-blown development environment but it can be very useful for editing on the go.  It is very useful for programmers who want to make a quick code review and code changes when they are not able to login to their development environment.


There has been a great contribution from Microsoft for making things easier for developers today.  They have made the Visual Studio Online integrated into the open source Visual Studio code and also bring in the browser-based companion for developers.  This makes not only editing the code on the go easier but also brings in the possibility for developers to no longer strictly depend on their remove cloud development environment.

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