Visual Studio 2019 is the latest version of Visual Studio with new features

Everything About Visual Studio Latest Version:

Microsoft has released many versions of Visual Studio in all these years and Visual Studio 2019 is the latest version in Visual Studio Latest Version.  In this post, we are going to learn about Visual Studio Latest Version.

Announcing the .Net core 3.0 preview 9.  There are not a lot of changes with this preview of .Net Core preview 8 because the last few releases are more about polishing the already existing code.  .Net core 3.0 is a major release

Visual Studio version 16.3 preview 2 and Visual Studio for Mac Version 8.3 preview 2 is available now.  Lots of changes to the preview are in response to the feedback from the developer community.  They can be both downloaded from the Visual Studio official website.

Visual Studio’s container-tools options make it really easy to add docker container to C# projects when developers are using azure functions.  In the Xamarin side, the Xamarin team has a blog post on all the new Xamarin information in both the previews.

To be able to use the .NET Core 3.0 Preview the developer must be in Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3 preview 1.  Note that, Visual Studio 2019 version 16.3 preview 1 is out along with Visual Studio 2019 version 16.2.

There are several features with Visual Studio 2019 16.2 and they are:

  • Test explorer.
  • The ability to debug JS in the Mircosoft Edge browser.
  • Playing LLVM compiler support for MS build projects.

There are several features with Visual Studio 2019 16.2 for the Mac and they are:

  • It brings .Net core 3.0 support.

Features of Visual Studio 2019:

There is the back button on the top.  It can be used to go back to the place where the cursor was placed previously.  There is also a drop-down that shows where the cursor was placed in the fashion of history.

Visual Studio Latest Version
Visual Studio Latest Version

It is possible to use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+[+s to sync the file that is open in the editor and the solution explorer.

Visual Studio Latest Version
Visual Studio Latest Version

There is a setting that is used to permanently turn on the tracking of the active document in the solution explorer.

Visual Studio Latest Version
Visual Studio Latest Version

The user can also perform alt+` to perform a right-click that is more editor friendly.  It has more editor related commands than the regular context menu options.

The developers can right-click and select open file location in the solution explorer to open the file in the file explorer.  This command can be mapped to a keyboard shortcut of our preference.

Visual Studio Latest Version
Visual Studio Latest Version
  • The users can access the clipboard history with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+v.  This enables them to use the code snippets that they copied earlier.
  • The developers can do the ctrl+t+r to go to the recently used files.
  • The last edited location can be arrived at using the ctrl+shift+backspace
  • Multiple cursor editing is done with the help of the combination of ctrl+alt+left click.  This puts a new cursor in the places where we click and edit at the same time.
  • Team explorer supports Git and it is capable of showing the commit history in the Team Explorer.  The users have to use the keyboard shortcut ctrl+\+m to get to the team explorer.
  • The keyboard shortcut ctrl+k+x will bring up the dialog box in which we can choose the code snippet that needs to be entered.  This dialog box has support for various languages and also many different code snippets.

Visual Studio 2019 write beautiful code:

With Visual Studio we can write well-formatted code as well as the code that is pretty to look at it with the help of code coloring.  There are additional features listed below that every developer should look at.  All these features are there in Visual Studio 2019 Community also:

  • By installing Visual Studio 2019, the users can use both Visual Studio 2017 and Visual Studio 2019 together.
  • In Visual Studio 2019, the search bar has improved very much.  One of the most important features is the inclusion of the fuzzy search in the search bar.  With the help of the fuzzy search, the search bar is capable of getting the right results even when the search term is spelled wrongly.
  • With the search bar, the users also able to perform tasks such as add items to the project and more.

If you are working on a code and you do not want to load the whole project but only a subset of the project sometimes.  Till 2017, the easy way of doing this is to right-click the project file and select unload and load when needed.

  • With Visual Studio 2019, the users can create a solution filter file which saves the list of projects that can be loaded and the list that needn’t be loaded in a .slnf file.  It is a great way to open the code really quickly.  When we build the filtered project, only the filtered project files will build and not all the projects in the solution.

With the help of code lens, the users can show the Git history, references, authors along with the recent changes.  It is very useful and it prompts the methods that you are working with.  It also gives the methods you are working with more context.  But what makes it even better in Visual Studio 2019 is that this feature is available in Visual Studio Community 2019.

visual studio 2019 latest features
visual studio 2019 latest features

One of the biggest reasons to install Visual Studio 2019 is the ability to have per-monitor awareness.  If we have Visual Studio 2019 on our laptop and if we drag it to another monitor, Visual Studio will resize correctly.  Visual Studio 2019 is capable of adjusting the fonts to a much higher resolution better.

visual studio 2019 per monitor features
visual studio 2019 per monitor features

Now let us focus on the tooling improvements to Visual Studio 2019.

  • It has new classification colors.  The keywords, user methods, local variables, parameter names, and overloaded operators are all getting new colorization.  We can actually customize these colors in the Fonts and Colors settings.  These settings can be easily accessed in a quick search.
  • Another new thing about Visual Studio in Visual Studio 2019 is Intelli code.  It is an extension and it offers smarter dot-completion,  smarter overload suggestions.  It is capable of even learning from the context.
  • IntelliCode can understand that certain methods used in the project is not a .NET framework methods but a popular Nuget Package method and still suggest the right method from the Nuget Package in the right context.
  • With Visual Studio 2019, we can double click the CSproj file to edit it.  This means that we no longer have to right-click and unload the project and edit the csproj file.
visual studio cs proj
visual studio cs proj

Now we can find the csproj file in the go-to all navigation bar.  That means, we can press ctrl+t to go the all navigation bar and enter the name of the necessary csproj file to edit it.  It means that we can also view the csproj file in the preview window without opening it in the main editor.

There is a new category in the find all dialog box and it is called the kind category.  With this, we can see if the file is name-only, read, reference, write and also apply a filter based on the kind of the result.  This allows us to narrow down the search result and make the search more effective.

Earlier we used to edit the code style with the tools options.  We can scroll around and set the preferences to “prefer var” or “prefer explicit type” and we can also set the severity of this as well.  We can generate the editor config file from these settings.

There is a broom icon for doing custom code clean-up.  We can execute code clean-up by pressing the keyboard shortcut ctrl+k ctrl+e.  We can configure the code clean up to perform specific tasks.  This helps us even decide what keyboard shortcuts can be used to do what specific code clean up.

This combined with the code style will help us change our var keywords to explicit types with just a keyboard shortcut.

There have been many requests from the developers to have the code clean up to work in the entire solution.  Right now there is dot net framework global formatting tool that will apply formatting options so that no all code style fixers, more like white space fixers, curly bracers, additional spaces between the parenthesis of the parameter and more.

We can add the dot net framework global tool to the CI-CD pipeline so it will some formatting but not all code sytle.

There is a new regex color support.  We get brace detection, error messages, and more.

IntelliCode’s AI has run over 2000 GitHub repositories to train itself into becoming a better code completer.

Now let us see .net refractoring and code fixes:

Now we can sync namespaces and folder names.  That means if we move a class to a different directory and press ctrl+. on the using namespace, it will suggest the right namespace for the current directory so choosing it will change the namespace and make it in sync with the current directory structure. This will also update all the using namespaces in other references and make the code work normally as we would expect.

We can not right-click on a foreach and convert it to LINQ and convert large blocks of code to one line.

We can press ctrl+. after placing the cursor after the logical operator and choose what the orde of the condition should be written.  This will not change the meaning of the code but it will only change the way the code is written.

We can place the cursor on any class and choose what to contextual options to perform.  With the contextual options, we have the extract interface option to extract the interface.  Now we can also pull the necessary method to the interface.  We can launch the same dialog box and select the specific properties and get them into the interface and make the inheritable.


All in all, it is not possible to list all the advanced features of Visual Studio’s latest version.  But we have seen some of the best features of Visual Studio in this post.  It is clearly a very good IDE with easily some of the best features available in the market.

With Visual Studio 2019, we are seeing machine learning making the coding easier than before.  It is very useful in ensuring that the developers are following the coding standards as much as they can.

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