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Different types of Cloud Storage and the latest technologies for you

There are many different types of Cloud Storage providers out there but what is Cloud Storage. Learn everything you need to know about cloud storage today.

what is cloud storage

What is Cloud storage?

  • Cloud storage is a cloud computing model to store only data.
  • It is provided by a cloud computing provider that manages and operates Storage As A Service.
  • Cloud storage is a service in which data is managed and maintained in a remote server.
  • This data is transmitted to the remote to the cloud storage and receive back through a network typically the internet.
  • Cloud storage is available on-demand on the internet.
  • Users generally pay for the maximum amount of storage they require per month.
  • The users have to pay only for the size of the storage, the duration of the storage and ID only just in time
  • Cloud Storage providers use security capabilities such as encryption and authentication for the services.
  • Cloud storage gives agility, global availability, and durability that is available anytime anywhere.

Types of cloud storage providers:

type of cloud storage
type of cloud storage

There are three main types of cloud storage providers and they are public, private and hybrid cloud storage.

  • Personal Cloud storage is a mobile cloud storage.
  • Personal Cloud storage is offered by cloud storage providers such as iCloud, Google Drive, One Drive and more.
  • Personal Cloud storage offers abilities to store and share data between different devices owned by the user.
  • Public cloud storage providers offer cloud storage in a multi-tenant fashion.
  • Public cloud storage is most suitable for unstructured data.
  • The data uploaded by the user is stored in data centers and it is spread across multiple regions and continents for the sake of cost efficiency and redundancy.

Popular public cloud service providers:

  • Amazon Simple Storage Service.
  • Google Cloud Storage.
  • Microsoft One Drive.
Popular Cloud service provider
Popular Cloud service provider

In the case of a private cloud, the data is stored behind a secure firewall of an organization.

  • A private cloud provider is when the organization owns the data centers and keep it behind its secure firewall.
  • Private cloud is more useful for people who need more control over their data and more customization options.
  • Hybrid cloud is a mixture of private cloud and public cloud.
  • Hybrid cloud is made possible with the help of collaboration between the team that offers private cloud infrastructure and third-party public cloud.
  • Generally, an organization will store its structured data in the private cloud and unstructured data in a public cloud.
  • Hybrid cloud process technical challenges because it needs to be scalable when needed.

Cloud storage is based on virtual infrastructure.  With generally a web interface to access the storage.  With instantaneous scalability for the demand for cost price.

Using restful API the cloud service provider stores the file along with the associated metadata give it an ID number to identify uniquely.

What are the uses of cloud storage:

  • Cloud Storage is used for cloud backup and disaster recovery.
  • Cloud Storage is used for archiving frequently used data and so it can be used as a caching technique.
  • Many organizations use cloud storage service for DevOps.

Cloud storage is also known as utility storage to differentiate actual storage and service-based storage.  Cloud storage is based on data-centers and storage virtualization providing its uses with virtual storage that is scalable on demand.  Cloud storage operates with the help of Web API for input-output and read-write.

what is cloud storage
what is cloud storage

How cloud storage works:

  • Cloud storage is purchased from a Cloud storage vendor such as AWS, Google Cloud and more.
  • The cloud storage vendor has to manage the capacity, security, and durability to make data available around the world over the internet.
  • Cloud storage is accessible using a web interface or API for applications.

What are the benefits of using cloud storage:

  • The obvious benefits of cloud storage are that the user does not have to purchase storage hardware.
  • With cloud storage, there is no capital investment.
  • The data that is used less frequently can be moved to the cloud storage service that cost less.
  • Cloud storage service time to the department is slow because the organization does not have to focus on the hardware requirement for the storage.
  • With the help of cloud storage, it is possible to centralized data management.

What defines good cloud storage:

The following are the features offered by a good cloud storage service provider.

  • Data redundancy must be implemented in the background in order to prevent data loss due to natural disasters, human error, mechanical fault and more.
  • It should provide faster retrieval for production servers and cheaper retrieval for data that is used less frequently.
  • Data should be encrypted during storage and retrieval to avoid any kind of data loss due to piracy.

What are the types of cloud storage:

There are three types of cloud storage such as object storage, file storage, and block storage.

  • Object storage has vast scalability.  It is suitable for applications that require high storage and good scalability with meta-data characteristics.
  • File storage is the type that offers a file system for the application that is using the storage.  It is often supported with Network Attached Storage.
  • Block storage is for the enterprise which requires low latency for the databases.

Different ways to use cloud storage:

  • High data back up and recovery;  It is useful for areas such as Financial Service, Health care and Media that have high data output and require long term storage and retention.
  • It is very useful for software testing and development where there is a need for the duplicate environment for Development, Test, and Production.  The cloud service provider is capable of offering such duplicate environments easily.


In this post, we learned about what is cloud storage.  There are many benefits of using Cloud Storage.  They offer a feasible solution for storing personal and organizational data effectively.  In time the cloud storage has evolved enough for providing requirement specific solutions at cheaper rates.

If you have any doubts, please let us know in the comments below.  For more awesome posts stay tuned to TecKangaroo.

What is Cloud Storage
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