Which is faster Python or Java?

In this post we will discuss about the performance of Python and Java programming languages. How to compare programming languages. And finally how these two programming languages stack up against each other.

which is faster python or java?

There is a problem with this kind of question that is that this question is too narrow.  a computer language in itself cannot be faster or slower because it is a representation of algorithm in a way that makes sense to high-level language programmers.  we will not be able to properly determine which language is faster when they are depending on the virtual machine.  that is because the speed of execution of a program in both languages will directly depend upon the quality of the virtual machine.

it should be also noted that different languages deal with syntax differently.  That means that syntactically executing an algorithm with the more efficient with certain kind of coding in one language and in a different kind of coding in another language.  for this very recent is very difficult to benchmark to completely and related programming languages suggest Java and python.

now that we have made the ground works for determining that challenges of benchmarking to languages.   we had laid down the challenges of comparing two programming languages now that’s said let’s compare Java and python.

to begin with, we can broadly state that compiled languages are definitely faster than interpreted languages.  and upon that to be a little more specific we can also state that compiling to native code is faster than compiling to bytecode.  in a language for programs are compiled to native code execute faster than in a language for programs are compiled to bytecode.  and finally a good implementation of programming language will result to that language to produce programs that execute faster than a badly implemented programming language.

Now that it is very clear to compare programming languages lets compare Java and python.  with comparing Java and python in the conclusion we will show you which language you should be choosing to build your career upon and to eventually stick to.   Without any delay let’s jump into comparing Java and python.

Java and python are two of the most powerful programming languages it is often very hard to decide which programming language to learn one of the most common questions asked by the beginners is which language is better?

That has been an increase in the total number of programming languages that are actually being used for production in the IT industry.  Java and python are the most popular programming languages.


which is faster python or java?
which is faster python or java?

Java is one of the most fundamental languages in the IT industry. It is one of the oldest and widest used languages in the IT industry.  It is used with desktop applications, web applications and Databases.  It is machine independent and therefore can be written once and compile for multiple platforms.

Java is a statically typed and object-oriented programming language and the data types are determined during the compile time.  For this reason alone, it is faster then python in program execution.Java offers better code refactoring due to its statically-typed nature.  There is one universal IDE in Java that can be used for the development of mobile and web applications.  There has been plenty of legacy application that has been coded using Java.  Java legacy application development platform has a very strong connection with databases.

Java is a compiled programming language and the source code is compiled to bytecode by a Java compiler and the bytecode is executed in Java Virtual Machine.


which is faster python or java?
which is faster python or java?

Python is easy to read an interpreted language.  It is a very high-level language, the syntax is English like and it is very easy to learn.  It also has higher productivity than other low-level languages as it can get lots of work done in simple readable coding.  Since python is interpreted python has more functionality built into each function call.  And therefore python code is shorter than Java while they both perform the same task.  Python has a weak database connection compared to Java. This is one of the main reasons why Python is not used in the enterprise.  Python is new and so it does not have many legacy applications that are based on python.

python is becoming a popular choice for more recent technologies such as data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and IOT.

python is an interpreted language and therefore the translation of the language happens at the same time as a program is getting executed

Python is also an object-oriented language but it is a scripting language and therefore it has an added advantage.  It is very easy to write scripts in python.

Difference between Java and Python:

  • In Java, a block of code is identified by curly braces whereas in python a block of code is identified by indentations.
  • Based on the ease of using and learning a programming language, we can declare python as a winner.  But based on the performance and is of using and learning a programming language Java comes out as a winner.
  • The Java virtual-machine bytecode is a fairly low-level language.
  • But in the case of a dynamic language such as python dispatch should be sent off for all the basic operations such as method calls and object creation. That means that dispatch will be generated for almost all basic operations such as method calls and object creation
  • This way of generating a despatch for almost all basic operation is the reason why interpreted languages are slower than compiled languages.

The verdict of the difference:

  • Such dynamic dispatching can be eliminated with the help of tracing JIT compiler but tracing JITs are for more hard in case of dynamically compiled languages.
  • V8 and trace monkey are very complex for this simple reason.
  • Despite its complexity and the amount of effort that went into making it, tracing JIT such as V8 and trace monkey are much slower than normal JIT compiler anyways.

We have seen the technical difficulties between comparing two programming languages. Now let’s see the real world challenges we face while choosing which programming language to learn and why. To understand that let us pick up some common development areas and see how these programming languages stack up against each other.


which is faster python or java?
which is faster python or java?

According to GitHub, Java is the second most popular language and python is a third most popular language.   According to stack overflow, Java is the fifth most popular programming language and python is the seventh most popular programming language.  Java has 45% and python has 39% of popularity.


Python does not use curly braces as it uses indentations to determine a line of code belongs to which block of code.  This makes python very readable and very English like.

Java requires curly braces to determine a line of code belongs to which block of code.  Experienced developers prefer this.  Using a good IDE will also give the developers good indentations that will make the language easy to read.

Game development:

Neither Python nor Java is meant to be game development programming languages.  They cannot match the performance offered by C++ and C# in this area.  But it does not stop developers from creating open source libraries for other developers to create games on.

JMonkeyEngine is an open source Java game development engine which can be used by developers to make games using Java.  OpenGL also has plugins for making Java game development possible.

Python also has some of a game development engine such as Cocos, Panda3D, and Pygame.

Web development:

Both Java and Python are used in backend web development.  Backend web development is an area where the development needs to concentrate on the business logic, the security, and effectiveness of the code.  Therefore this is a very important area and according to StackOverflow, it is the most trending area of 2018.

In this area Python outperforms Java.  Python has Django. Java, on the other hand, has Spring. Django is a fully featured framework which also provides powerful backend and support along with ORM which helps developer deal with database operations.

Machine learning:

Python is very easy to learn and very quick to develop in and therefore it is no surprise that python is gaining popularity among new disciplines such as machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Amongst the popular technology that is based on python for machine learning or Tensorflow, Keras and also Facebook’s Pytorch.  Java is also considered as a good programming language for machine learning as it is easy to debug and some of the popular machine learning libraries are Weka, MalletDeepLearning4, and MOA.


It is clear that both Python and Java are competent languages and both of them are fast in their own regard.  Java is faster in program execution and Python is faster in program writing.  That is why they are used in the relative areas where they are used most.  Python is used in the newer and upcoming areas such as Machine learning, Artificial Intelligence whereas, Java is used for legacy applications where performance is of high priority.

So there you go, we hope the above comparison was good enough for you to choose a programming language of your preference.  If you need more detailed comparison in any of the specific areas, please enter your request in the comments below.

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